Catching up with the Australian newcomer...

When Australian songwriter Gordi kicked off plans for her debut album, she didn't quite anticipate the journey that lay in front of her.

After 12 months sessions had criss-crossed the globe, recording in Los Angeles, New York, and even the stunning Icelandic capital Reykjavik - all a far cry from her tiny Australian bush hometown Canowindra.

It's all been worth it, however. Debut album 'Reservoir' drops on Friday (August 25th) and it's a wonderfully mature document, with each note seeming to fall at exactly the right point.

At times lush, at others sparse, it's an album that draws you in and refuses to let go.

Clash caught up with Gordi recently, and she revealed what had inspired her along the way...

- - -

Efterklang - 'Dreams Today'

I think the field recording of the running steps turning into the percussive element of this song is the coolest thing ever. I listened to it over and over as I walked along the canal in London at the beginning of the year.

- - -

Bon Iver - '715 Creeks'

The vocoder in this song is something else. It showed me how important it is to still have expression in the vocals because they come through the effects so well.

- - -

Riceboy Sleeps - 'Happiness'

I listened to this song as I flew into Reykjavik - it's the kind of song that makes it feel like all your life has led to this one moment. Which, as I flew into what looked like an enormous iceberg to finish my debut album, felt fitting.

- - -

The Paper Kites - 'Electric Indigo'

They had me at the opening riff.

- - -

Mbongwana Star - 'Malukayi'

The rhythmic pulse of this song gives it such a good feel, I listened to it a lot when I was in LA working with Tim Anderson last September.

- - -

Múm - 'We Have A Map Of The Piano'

I love the live and sampled instrumentation in this song. I saw some of the members play a show in Reykjavik and it reignited my obsession with their music.

- - -

S. Carey - 'In The Stream'

The vocals on this are like swimming backstroke in condensed milk (ie heaven).

- - -

The Postal Service - 'Such Great Heights'

I listened to this song a lot throughout last year, it always reminds me of what really good pop music is.

- - -

Youth Lagoon - 'Highway Patrol Stun Gun'

I listened to this song as I walked from the Brooklyn subway to Rare Book Room studio in the middle of a New York summer, it was the first week I worked on 'Reservoir'.

- - -

David Gray - 'Please Forgive Me'

I've loved this song for a long time but last year I listened to the 'White Ladder' album a lot. It reminds me of going on beach holidays with my family as a kid.

- - -

Vampire Weekend - 'Obvious Bicycle'

Having that balance between a beautiful hi-fi recording with more lo-fi, organic textures is really inspiring and Vampire Weekend always do that so well.

- - -

Sigur Ros - 'Milano'

The epic-ness of this song is unrivalled.

- - -

Grouper - 'Headache'

When I was working with Alex Somers in Reykjavik he showed me this song, I love its fuzziness and how it reminds me of recording in the Icelandic winter.

- - -

Highasakite - 'Since Last Wednesday'

This track is a big reference for me when it comes to percussion, those big toms are so good!

- - -

Middle Kids - 'Edge Of Town'

Middle Kids are one of my favourite Australian bands going around at the moment. When I first heard this song on the radio I fell in love with it instantly.

- - -

'Reservoir' will be released on August 25th.

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