Out shortly on Wiley's own CTA Records...

Wiley has always sought to use his position to elevate others.

It's a recurring theme in the grime godfather's career, whether that's exposing fresh talent at his Eskimo Dances or giving young MCs an access point into the industry.

Freshly minted imprint CTA Records finds Wiley acting as label boss, building from the ground up.

The first signing to CTA Records is Margs, an MC probably best known for his association with the Mashtown crew.

Speaking to Clash, Wiley said: "I listened to [Margs] when he was really young, just because we're from the same area and my friend bought me the CD — they put a mixtape out ages ago and I just liked the whole movement, what him and his crew were doing. But then I realised that Margs has got, like, a fire. When he raps I feel his energy, d'you understand what I mean? I saw him on a Westwood freestyle and it was just energy." (Read the whole interview here).

Striking out on his own, new single 'What Have You Done?' is a deft fusion of classic grime tropes and 2k17 - the best of the old and new.

Rolling on that relentless production, Margs bobs left and right, before unleashing a few unstoppable upper-cuts. Tune in now.

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