An exploration of grief and survival...
Napoleon IIIrd

Clash have long been fans of Napoleon IIIrd.

Delving into his curious catalogue of cosmic pop, the talented songwriter has built up a unique voice, one entirely his own.

But then he stopped. The death of a close family member caused Napoleon IIIrd to retreat from the limelight, to re-assess art and how he was making it.

New album 'The Great Lake' is the end result of this process, an exploration of grief and survival.

Out shortly - order your copy HERE - it's an imposing work, and Clash is delighted to lead the way with new cut 'So It Goes'.

Echoing Kurt Vonnegut's famous phrase, it's a song that rings with the clear sound of hope. He explains:

"It is where life starts once more. It is when you remember what love is, it is when you look back fondly on those you lost and you first smile. It is memory and it is hope. Hope is the future."

Tune in now.

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