A new collection from the Dutch eyewear specialists.

The four eyed amongst us know the pains associated with selecting a new pair of glasses, heck, even those whose only claim to face furniture is an annual two week date with a pair of sunnies knows. Easier said than done (at best), the process can be lengthy and once you’ve found the pair that were made for you, often expensive.

Which is where Ace & Tate comes in. Founded a year ago in Amsterdam, the label designs quality frames at a fair price, forgoing several middlemen in the process.

The ‘Ace & Tate Way’, according to their website, employs a designer and a manufacturer you see, while traditionally brands add to this list a license holder and a retailer, which is where all those extra 0’s come in.

On top of this, for every pair they sell the Dutch group donates a second pair to the vision charity, Sightsavers; a pretty great thing for all involved we’re sure you’ll agree.

For their latest offering, the Graduates Collection, A&T present a selection of transparent and opaque lenses (for them summer wearers), while frames – each made of cellulose acetate – come in shades of tortoiseshell, black and apricot, going by names such as Ellis, Avery and Monty.



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