Brand produce their first ever ad to launch AW12 collection.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the cast of Misfits had doubled, swapped their orange overalls for some suave looking garms and taken up painting (but kept the concrete jungle, warehouses and running that so defines the popular series). Forgiven, but wrong. The new ad from AllSaints-a first for the brand-is a tiny 1:01 minutes long but packs St Paul's, a bike ride and a ballet class into it’s punch.

Set to a remix of Alpines’ ‘Got Me Wrong’, the film features both Catherine and Bob from the band alongside a selection of other non-model pretty folk. The artist Phoebe Collings-James, the multi talented Tony Ward (writer/film maker/artist/designer) and musician Marques Toliver all make appearances, decked out in the sultry dark hues of AllSaints' AW12 collection. Ask Toliver what his favourite piece in the collection is and he will come over all kid in a sweet shop, “OMG, like all of the coats, honestly all of the coats.” The coats in question are made of wintery textures like leather, faux fur and wool, and paired with seductive lace and practical cotton make up the key ingredients to All Saints’ trademark good looks.

The film culminates with the group enjoying a banquet of Last Supper proportions. A large table in the centre of a large room, smothered in wine, fruit, flowers and candles, plus, interestingly, a sheep’s skull. Die-hard fans and passers by alike will note the skull is the brand’s logo, but at the dinner table? Honestly.

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