Inspired by photography, sculpture, and nudity
Fashion Ones To Watch: David Koma

David Koma’s sculptural dresses make women look like a new type of superhero: sexy and strong.
He has dressed some of the biggest names in the music industry including Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys and Kylie; even tough girl M.I.A chose to wear David Koma for her recent Clash cover shoot, as she said the dress made her feel powerful.

Koma’s approach is to sculpt the female form. He exaggerates the silhouette so it demands attention.  

“Madonna and Grace Jones are super divas who I have been hugely influenced by,” says Koma.

At only eight-years-old, David started to draw and design. “I remember watching Terry Miguler’s shows in the early Nineties and I felt how amazing and incredible these shows were and I thought one day I will do something like that.”

He graduated in March 2009 from talent hub Central Saint Martins in London. With his first collection of body con dresses with metal tubes and multi-coloured chains, Koma won the Harrods Design Award, and has received huge amounts of press coverage since.

Koma created a signature style based on strong shapes and powerful sexuality, which he continues to explore within his next S/S 2011 collection.

Growing up in Saint Petersburg he was immersed in a rich architecture. “I am influenced by anything from baroque to contemporary; a whole mixture. As well Russian, I like a lot of architecture in Barcelona, Gaudi’s work in particular.”

He is also inspired by photography, sculpture, and nudity - the female body mainly: “A confident, happy woman with a really natural healthy look and beautiful curves.”

Words by Camilla Felici


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