Back small businesses and independent creatives by supporting these campaigns on Everpress...

Now is the time to self-realise your own destiny friends and take the power of creation into your own hands.

We caught up with the good folks at EVERPRESS to pull together some 'How To' insights and practical support to aid you creating and selling your own merchandise.

The platform enables artists, creators and labels to sell better merch. Their mission is to support grassroots creators and reduce the wastage in fashion through pre-order apparel campaigns.

So you only create as many items as you actually need to sell, and can drive demand and anticipation for your products ahead of time.

For the business savvy, this is akin to the organic scarcity model of operating; driving anticipation and demand of your product before it exists with marketing exercises then producing small batches of limited edition items on a small run.

This has been the route of choice for a host of now highly succesful businesses as it limits your risk, makes your product exclusive and builds hype all in one fell swoop. You can apply this to anything but for now, lets get your merchandise firing on all cylinders.

Here are some vital links and resources to start you on the path to being a fashion mogul before the year is out;

1. The Campaign Builder

2. The Creator Toolkit

3. The Garment Guide

- - -

What are you waiting for, go do it yourself! If you have any questions you can contact EVERPRESS here.

Inspired? Share your newly created campaigns with CLASH via email to [email protected].

We have pulled out some example campaigns below that you can support now and draw inspiration from;

- - -


Landlords can be merciless, sometimes you build up a business in a great location then the rug gets pulled out from underneath your feet. 

That's what happened to the good pizza bois over at Gordo's Pizza. Help them find and fund a new location by backing their merch campaign.

Purchase your t-shirt here.


- - -


O'Briens is an online bottle shop based in Huddersfield dedicated to selling the best craft beers, wine, cider and alcohol free drinks that money can buy.

Help them expand to their own bottle shop and physical space by supporting their merch.

Secure your tee here.

- - -


Collaboration between Hackney based florist Bloomin' Heck and artist Mannikk.Martina.

It's incredibly hard for independent florists to compete with large corporations monopolising the flower industry pushing limp daffodils out to supermarkets.

When you buy from your local florist you are also supporting a flower market, farm or local grower. Back the t-shirt and the campaign now here.

Secure your Tee here.


- - -


Strap yourself in, the fast march of time waits for no slug.

20% of sales from this Tee go towards the Maudsley Charities Covid-19 emergency fund to help mental health units across South London hospitals during this time.

Secure your Tee here.

- - -


A Tee for the vinyl collectors, sample hunters, producers and music lovers amongst us.

Powering their Database DJ sets filled with gems and oddities. Terra Magica have a range of t's to pick from live now on Everpress.

Secure your Tee here.

-  -  -


'Profoudly Sad and Incredibly Close' commemorative shirt celebrating the first of three singles from the forthcoming album from Bucky Boudreae.

A great example of how to amplify your single release and drive some extra dollars into your bank account in one fell swoop.

Secure your tee here.

-  -  -


'The Jazz Crates' Radio Silence Records commemorative t-shirt, celebrating their Black History Jazz curated playlist in style.

Secure your tee here.

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You can also draw inspiration from CLASH x HYPE 'Strength In Solidarity' design contest winning designs here.

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