The brand revisits 1991.

In case you were unsure of the celebration attached to 26th March, let us rid you of the mystery once and for all: since 2014, 26th March has been known to sneakerheads and the like as Air Max Day, a once a year party of all things Nike Air Max.

To some, the type of commercially driven non-event to encourage a Tweet and several eye roll emojis, to others a respectful observation of talent (mainly Nike designer Tinker Hatfield’s), culture and technology that has the power to engage a community.

And Nike’s boasts history too.

Ahead of AMD, the brand this week explores Hatfield’s Air Max Classic BW. Originally released in 1991, the shoe features an XL version of the same Nike Air-Sole unit as seen on the Air Max 90, and hence came to be known by the moniker ‘Big Window’.

Impacting on both European style at a street level as well as the aesthetic of America’s R&B contingent, this season the model is being released once again in a Persian Violet, while the lightweight Air Max BW Ultra also makes an appearance.

Expect plenty on the ground come the 26th.


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