Musical favourites compiled to share
Christopher Shannon

In the first of a new regular series, we ask acclaimed fashion designers to compile a mixtape of the music that inspires their work.

Kicking things off is Liverpool-born menswear maestro Christopher Shannon. The former Central Saint Martins student has been crowned the King of London sportswear, following his ranges of distinctly high-brand casual gear, and his prominent prints gracing the capital’s elite. Shannon’s esteem is ever increasing, and not even confessing a love for Susan Boyle’s cover of ‘Wild Horses’ could dent his reputation. As compensation to such unforgivable musical crimes, Christopher puts together a dozen tracks that keeps him busy in his technicolour studio...

Antony And The Johnsons ‘Frankenstein’
“I discovered Antony through Boy George totally by accident. I remember downloading it and having no idea who he was and being unsure yet blown away. It was at a time when things weren’t great; I’m not sure if listening to it helped or made things worse... either way this is still one of my favorites.”

Cilla Black ‘Liverpool Lullaby’
“One of my old bosses used to sing this at me all the time and I had no idea what it was. Then someone played it to me. Its so beyond scouse and ridiculous, but there is something very sweet and sad about it.”

Grace Jones ‘Hurricane’
“My mum would have Grace Jones on loads when I was little so I have always been a fan. Last year I went on my birthday to see the ‘Hurricane’ tour at the Royal Albert Hall; it was mindblowing. This track she preforms with a massive wind machine and a huge black cape - simple and incredible.”

Roy Ayers ‘Everybody Loves The Sunshine’
“This I discovered by accident as well on some old tape when I was about twelve and just loved it. It has remained for me the best summer track ever.”

Phillip Glass ‘Metamorphosis Three’
“I got into bed really wrecked at some point last year knowing I had to get up early the next day, when all of a sudden this amazing piano came from the flat above where some muscians lived. I was really amazed at how well they played! I discovered about two weeks later that it was from a Phillip Glass album.”

Merz ‘Blues Became’
“I loved this album in my teens and this was always my favorite track. I love that it’s really uplifting and defiant. All his stuff has been great, but this is a standout one for me.”

Kelly Rowland ‘Work (Freemasons Radio Edit)’
“This is one of our best studio tracks when things are moving too slowly. It peps everyone up and is usally played a few times in a row.”

Paul Simon ‘I Know What I Know’
“My dad listened to ‘Graceland’ a lot when we were kids, especially in the car on long journeys. It’s so nostalgic but I still love it - the backing vocals and the production is so perfect, nothing else sounds like it.”

Joni Mitchell ‘Court And Spark’
“My brother would listen to Joni Mitchell quite a bit and I always found it a bit annoying, then I worked in California for a bit and when I came back I heard her again and became a bit obsessive. ‘Blue’ is, I would think, my favorite album of all time. ‘Court And Spark’ is earlier but just as amazing.”

Dead Or Alive ‘Misty Circles’
“I got really into Pete Burns a few years ago. I had ghoulish memories of him - when I was little in Liverpool people would talk about how scary he was. Then I discovered the old Dead Or Alive, pre-Pete Waterman. So much of it is really dark and hard, not what I thought they were at all.”

Malcolm McLaren ‘Madame Butterfly’
“I somehow found myself after being on the dole working with Kylie Minogue and staying at the Mercer in New York where they played this in the lobby all the time. I’d really liked ‘Waltz Darling’ as a kid but didn’t know the earlier stuff. Always reminds me of that time away, liking my work and playing cards with Kylie and having fun - just three of us sat round night after night watching all the craziness of the lobby going on around us.”

Astrud Gilberto ‘The Girl From Ipanema’
“This is another summer classic. My mum would listen to this loads when I was little - she still hammers Stan Getz solo stuff, much to my irritation when I visit.”


Listen to Christopher Shannon’s playlist now on Spotify HERE.

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