Celebs making dollars and scents
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Want to smell ‘Lovely’ like Sarah Jessica Parker? Perhaps you’d rather be ‘In Bloom’ with Reece Witherspoon? Or boys, how about checking out Kylie Minogue’s ‘Inverse’?

Celebrity fragrances are nothing new - Elizabeth Taylor has been putting her famous moniker to her range of perfumes for decades - but the past few years have seen actors, singers and even reality stars releasing their own signature scents on a new scale. It’s part of the wider trend that has seen celebrities become more aware of their brand value, not just in selling music or films, but also by licensing their names into clothing, ghost-written books and other merchandising opportunities. And with so many celebrities being recruited by designer perfume houses to model in their fragrance campaigns, it seems a logical next step for the celebs to release scents under their own names.

Much like investing in a designer fragrance, choosing to purchase a celebrity-endorsed scent is buying in to more than just the small bottle of smelly liquid you get for your money. It’s about buying a piece of ‘the dream’; the perceived lifestyle that comes with wearing David and Victoria Beckham’s ‘Intimately Yours’ or Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Lovely’. Much of this dream is conveyed by the packaging of the product. Gwen Stefani’s ‘Harajuku Lovers’ series of scents come in bottles topped with cartoonish collectable figures reflecting the singer’s Japanese pop culture inspiration, while J.Lo’s ‘Glow’ bottle sports a blinged-out logo necklace, bound to resonate with her aspirant tweenage fans.

Men also get their share of the attention, with Sean John’s ‘Unforgiveable’ and modestly-named ‘I Am King’, and Usher’s ‘UR Man’. And what guy wouldn’t want to splash on a bit of Antonio Banderas’ ‘Blue Seduction’, Michael Jordan’s ‘23’ or Patrick Dempsey’s ‘Unscripted’? Or how about the smell of denim and Stetsons as embodied by country music star Tim McGraw’s ‘Southern Blend’?

There really is something for everyone in the celebrity scent racket. Celine Dion ‘Pure Brilliance’ anyone? Or a bottle of Halle Berry’s ‘Reveal’? Christina, Britney, Beyoncé, Mariah, Paris - they’re all at it. Even the WAGS have entered the fray, with Coleen McLoughlin’s ‘Coleen X’ and Alex Curran’s ‘Alex’. But before you go out and grab a bottle of Hollyoaks ‘Him’ or ‘Her’ (yes, it’s real), or Kerry Katona’s ‘Outrageous’, think about what your choice of celebrity fragrance says about you - and whose bank account you’re contributing to in the process.

Words by Steve Morriss


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