"The average MCM customer is a global nomad."

While 2016 might seem like a long way off to most, German luxury label MCM has already begun prepping for the big 4-0 (the anniversary it celebrates in two years time), doing so this season via a special collaboration with contemporary artist, Stefan Strumbel.

A favourite of Karl Lagerfeld, Strumbel’s work centres around ‘Heimat’, a German word with no English equivalent that, accoding to Wikipedia, “denotes the relationship of a human being towards a certain spatial social unit”.

Produced in the brightest shades, his pieces include cuckoo clocks and crucifixes: traditional and cult items, remixed.

For this project he took on Modern Creation München’s classic tan and black leather accessories, splashing his cuckoo clock-crest motif across rucksacks, shoulder and clutch bags to juxtaposing effect.

Below he tells Clash the hows and whys.


How did the collaboration with MCM come about?
I was invited to design a limited edition collection for MCM; I was very happy to have this chance because I feel there is a natural bond between my works and MCM. Both base on the term ‘Heimat’, which stands for sense, experience, knowledge and sentiment. The average MCM customer is a global nomad who loves to travel the world but always knows his roots.

Is this your first fashion collaboration?
Yes, but I don’t have fears to try something new. It is fascinating for me to use fashion to transport my idea of ‘Heimat’; fashion provides me with the chance to send the people on their own ‘Heimreise’ in a way my art is not able to, that means with this collection people can carry the idea of ‘Heimat’ every day wherever they want.

What is the biggest differentiating factor between fashion and art do you think?
I think borders are flowing. Both fashion and art act in comparable contexts. As a fashion designer or an artist you permanently scrutinise your work. It it always about the question and the claim, how to transform your idea into material the best way.

Karl Lagerfeld has your work on his wall; who or what would be your dream commission?
This dream already came true.

Can you tell me about ‘Heimat’ and how it relates, in this case, to MCM?
‘Heimat’ for me is an emotion and a feeling. It is about love, joy and luckiness.

MCM is obviously a luxury brand. What does ‘luxury’ mean to you?

Do you have a favourite piece from the new collection?
Of course all pieces are fantastic! It’s hard to pick out a single one. Today I like the black on black pouch the most.

MCM is known for its monogram. How would the Stefan Strumbel monogram look?
I always think about typography, because it is part of my artistic work. But I don’t think about a Strumbel monogram or logo, because I don’t need any.

Stefan Strumbel x MCM is released next month.



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