A style force to be reckoned with
Style Clash: Shakespear's Sister

Goth electro queen Siobhan Fahey is making an emphatic revival with Shakespear’s Sister. The band’s recent tour proved she is still a prolific performer and a style force to be reckoned with.

Who are Shakespear’s Sister?
Former Bananarama singer Fahey created Shakespear’s Sister in 1988, later recruiting Marcella Detroit on vocals. Most famous for their hit single ‘Stay’, accompanied with a dramatic, futuristic, gothic video, the ballad reached Number One in the UK and stayed for eight weeks. Now back after fifteen years she has recently concluded a short UK tour to promote her latest single ‘It’s A Trip’ from the EP ‘Songs From The Red Room’.

My style is…
“Metropolis meets Tron. I’m quite tomboyish, strong and androgynous but with lots of make-up. I’m not very good with skirts and dresses even though I do have good legs.”

I knew on tour I wanted to wear…
“This cat suit, I designed it with a costume designer in LA. I had the crown already, I got the inspiration from the film, 'Bright Young Things'. I went for a sort of 1920s silent movie sort of tip and this was a futuristic version of that.”

My secret to looking so good is…
“The toxic health diet. It’s a lot to do with how you feel inside. I’m still quite playful and immature and like to party…smoking and drinking. I’m also lucky, I think a lot of it comes down to genetics.”

I’ve had a strong fashion influence from…
“My family. I am one of three sisters, my mum used to make all our clothes, our grandmother was a tailor and her grandparents were Savile Row tailors and milliners.”

I was really excited when…
“Terry Hall said he was interested in doing a duet. I love Terry’s voice and his lyrics. I sort of stuck my neck out and asked him if he’d like to work together. When he did the track he actually had very bad laryngitis, he’d only just got his voice back.”

My experience on tour was…
“A dream come true! I’m at my happiest when I’m on tour and on stage. The band are my closest friends, we’ve got really amazing connections not just musically, but as people.”

Words by Camilla Felici



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