11 Things You Never Knew About... Harry Styles

11 Things You Never Knew About... Harry Styles

A deep-dive into the pop icon's world...

The nation’s heartthrob and Lizzo’s biggest fan, Harry Styles has us wearing our hearts on our sleeve.

With the recent release of the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ video taking the internet by storm and 10 years having passed since Harry’s first X Factor audition, what better time is there to have a look at his weird and wonderful life?

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White Eskimo, the band that Styles left to audition for The X Factor, joked that seeing as he did not officially leave the band, he’s arguably still a member. And good for Harry, not only has he topped charts with One Direction and taken the world by storm with his solo material, but he’s also a part of a rising band that were pegged as 2019’s Ones to Watch by YouTube. How does he make time for it all?

Debbie Harry approved of One Direction’s rendition of ‘One Way or Another’, gushing that they had a ‘similar spirit’ to Blondie and were ‘a hot group’. We’re thinking the two Harrys could have a killer collaboration somewhere down the line.

Style’s sick was once put up for sale on eBay. Whilst we can’t find out how much it actually went for or if it sold at all, both he and previous bandmate Liam (Payne) attest to seeing the listing. Signs were even erected celebrating the place that Styles threw up following a long hike back in 2014.

Just before his X Factor audition, Styles was in hospital. Thankfully, he was discharged and managed to make the audition. Summer 2020 would have a very different sound if all had not gone to plan. Imagine lockdown without ‘Kiwi’ on repeat? No thank you.

Christopher Nolan compared working with Styles to his time working with Heath Ledger, explaining that his controversial decision to cast the former in Dunkirk received the same scepticism that Ledger’s Joker did. That was until people saw the outcome of said castings; It’s safe to say that opinions changed quickly.

Gucci’s pro-choice campaign was backed by Styles. Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, observed the control over people with uteruses as ‘unbelievable’ and it is clear that Styles agrees. At the Gucci Cruise 2020 Styles was photographed motioning towards the stunningly beautiful uterus embroidered dress alongside actors Zoe Saldana and Salma Hayek.

Whilst Gucci has been criticised for being as exploitative as many other fashion brands, it is clear they are taking steps in the right direction and we salute Styles for championing them.

Stevie Nicks was the first female artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice, as both a solo artist and her roll in Fleetwood Mac. And who was it that inducted her? Harry Styles. The two have bonded over their love of music and have been seen together at multiple events, but even Styles has been seen to well up in awe of the star.

Styles once compared a fan to “the only person at the party that jumped in the pool with their clothes on” after they launched their phone at him when he was on stage. Thankfully, he found humour in the situation and laughed “you’re gonna need that” before proceeding to look for someone to call off said phone.

The powerhouse that is Styles was told that he did not have ‘enough experience or confidence’ by X Factor mentor Louis Walsh when he was first evicted. You’d never think of saying that to the artist that has gone on to sell out tours and perform to thousands of adoring fans, creating hysteria that has been compared by many to Beatlemania.

Styles once apologised to a crowd for appearing distracted, explaining that his sister was on a date. His fans went wild, obsessing over the humble and normal reaction that he had to his sibling dating, but we’re unsure of what they expected from him.

As most of these facts show, his fans are something else. Whilst many would hate the floods of women obsessing over where you’d thrown up and who you were dating, Styles has expressed his love for his fans from day one. In a previous interview with Rolling Stones, Styles stated: “Teenage-girl fans – they don't lie. If they like you, they're there. They don't act 'too cool.' They like you, and they tell you. Which is sick.” And we agree, the love and honesty he receives is second to none, with the bizarre acts of worship hopefully being few and far between.

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Words: Megan Walder

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