Michna, Harmonic 313, Moony, My Nu Leng, Appian, Jets, Oscar Luweez, FaltyDL, Peaches, Happa

MICHNA ‘Moving Mountains’ (GHOSTLY)

Chameleonic beats maestro Michna returns. After repeatedly nailing our sweet spot with 2008’s ‘Magic Monday’ his latest EP whisks together dark hip-hop, ’80s new wave and optimistic melodies. ‘Wanted Exotic’ flavours itself with a dose of Solvent’s cerebral electro-pop whilst ‘Through The City’ calmly continues Ghostly’s love of electro-acoustic-euphoria. Onwards, upwards and sideways.

HARMONIC 313 ‘Lion’ (WARP)

‘Dutty’ is sparse-as-fuck digi-dancehall from Mark Pritchard’s Auzzie bunker and is set-up as a feasting table for MCs and toasters. ‘Lion’ is a monster of subs and bleeps as Rikodan brings his blasts of ragga musings to the fore. ‘Lion’ heralds a hopeful wave of new Harmonic 313 missives … and we can’t wait to get dangerously low to his new anthems.  


Mr. Mitch and his clan of grimy merry men return to spoon-feed copious amounts of bass down our throats. Moony’s four tracker skips tactfully between grime sub-genres from the jazzy, saxophone laced motions of ‘Grand Opening’, through the sample heavy schematics of ‘Seven’ and down and out via the garagesque bounce of ‘TNT’.

MY NU LENG ‘The Grid/Hips n’ Thighs’ (877 RECORDS)

Warbling with all the underbelly of an incensed bass dragon comes MNL’s ‘The Grid’, a candidate for biggest tune of the year; you just don’t know it yet. Wait till that filtered bass sucker punches you half way through. Flipside ‘Hips n’ Thighs’ isn’t too shabby either with a more industrial bassline colliding expertly with a catchy, female-loving sample.


Michigan-based producer Appian stands atop a metaphorical ridge overlooking the entire EDM landscape on Phuture Shock Musik release ‘Endomusia’. Opener ‘Slow Jam’ glides through Balearic house territory with WD40-type ease whereas ‘Pac Man’ is engulfed with wonky hip-hop tendencies. Beautifully diverse in its sandbox approach.


A Machinedrum / Jimmy Edgar collab, you say? Don’t mind if I bloody do. Each track is the perfect fusion of Edgar’s sleazy electro and Machinedrum’s rhythmic ambi-bass, with ‘Lock Lock Key’s choppy frazzled funk and the glitched soul of ‘Sin Love With U’ being particularly inviting. Lots more of this, please.


New project from jungely dubstep producer D1, who revels in full Nineties
mode. ‘Night Cats’ is a tongue-in-cheek salute to early UKG with added
whomp, ‘Junction 10’ and ‘Tell Me’ are full of rave keys and old-school house/hardcore airs. Yes, it’s derivative - it’s meant to be. But it’s also a shitload of nostalgic fun.

FALTYDL ‘Straight And Arrow’ (NINJA TUNE)

A mellower offering than usual from chameleonic upfront experimentalist
FaltyDL. ‘Straight And Arrow’ flows nicely enough over stretched vocal snippets and a Casio-riffed melody, while a Four Tet remix adds a bleepy, acid-hinting dimension, and Gold Panda gives an enticing dreamy rework.


Expectantly filthy electro from Berlin’s nattiest singer as Peaches serves up badass bass and desperately breathy vocals. Packed with remixes from Bart-B-More and Child In Disguise but it may be the planningtorock rerub that you’ll keep reaching for with its light strings and a completely reset vocals - this frazzled opus drops the speed and angles its search lights to the bottom of the dancefloor.

HAPPA ‘Church 001’ (CHURCH) 

This fledging label has quality printed all over its optimistic face. Serious brooding beats come from young Happa, a startlingly talented fifteen-year-old half-Iranian upstart. ‘Bring It Back’ has two versions, a clipped bass edit and a more grooving ‘Ape&’ rework that’s all angled house surfaces that’ll keep your soles baking till dawn.


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