Frolicking with hi-hat melodies and off-kilter drum patterns
A1 Bassline

There’s no surprise that Brighton’s A1 Bassline is frolicking with hi-hat melodies and off-kilter drum patterns: “My dad owned Rave magazine in the late-’80s so I was always around dance music as a kid. I was always intrigued with record players when I was really young, although I just thought they were for scratching,” he admits.

Whilst others his age sat twiddling their thumbs in a history lesson somewhere, a barely pubescent A1 started curing his fascination for decks. By seventeen he’d already released his first tune under the alias, Infamy; plucking amen breaks from the heavens and dipping them into wily drum and bass to the delight of some of the genre’s main players. “I remember Chris Inperspective dropping one of my tunes at Technicality and my idols at the time (Breakage, Fracture, Macc, Equinox) tapping the wall out of respect.”

Time travel to now and A1 has since shifted his primary focus to minimal, alluring house; taking elements from his affiliation with the drum and bass sub-genres and fusing them with fruity four-to-the-floor trickeries. Just recently, SOURCEUNKNOWN, was born to tailor to A1’s own style of music. The label’s first venture is his own ‘Slur/Slingback’ release that knocks hard via woodblock snares and swirling, whomping synths that beg to be danced too. No doubt many a DJ will have them stocked in their hard drive.

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