A calm tour de force
Acid Pauli

Readers of last month’s Outsiders issue of Clash may have been startled by Nicolas Jaar’s simple and spacious music, perhaps even his innovative ‘prism’ music system. Now we introduce the restless innovations of Martin Gretschmann, AKA Acid Pauli, AKA Console.

His new Acid Pauli album ‘Mst’ is a calm tour de force. The man who helped elevate Germany’s The Notwist to substantial fame, and whose musical vision as Console helped bring pop to serious electronics, has now brokered a down-tempo album that’s drenched in off-kilter beauty.

‘Mst’ clicks, pops, groans, lurches and flails through a landscape of organic sounds that almost impossibly defines the strict, and elusive terms of sonic addiction. Gretschmann is in playful mood across all nine tracks. ‘Equation Of Time’ is a woozy, cabaret of hip-hop where the waiter’s been spiking the Pimms, or a wonky stroll around a circus where the circus master has been stealing substances, literally from the horse’s mouth.

If you can recall his anthem as Console ‘14 Zero, Zero’ then you’ll perhaps be of age where you’ll appreciate all the tranquil space Gretschmann has conjured. Like his collaborations with Jaar this music swells through tones, textures and emotions. It ditches detail in favour of propelling the music through oblique edifices of understated sound.

At points, like ‘Requiem For A Loop’, it’s compulsively European. A skanky, bawdy gypsy soul leers out at the listener, like a de-quantised and delirious Riva Starr playing drunken hopscotch in Berlin’s Volkspark with Beirut’s Zach Condon. We can’t urge you into this calm storm fast enough.


ClashMusic recently debuted Acid Pauli's 'Eulogy For Eunice' video, watch it HERE.


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