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Clash is pleased to premiere the new album from Addison Groove, aka Tony Williams, aka Headhunter. Released on Modeselektor’s 50Weapons label on March 3rd, ‘Presents James Grieve’ is one of the strongest electronic albums of 2014 so far. So check it out, yeah?

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The West Country has long been a fertile place, rich with cheddar farmhouses and cider breweries. So in a suitable fashion, the first thing that Addison Groove did when he bought his new house in Bristol was plant an apple tree.

“I speak to Modeselektor a lot, they’re good friends of mine, and I wouldn’t shut up about my tree,” laughs Tony Williams, peering out at the shrub from his kitchen.

Modeselektor’s 50Weapons label is where his second LP is landing – the follow-up to 2012’s love letter to analogue, ‘Transistor Rhythm’. ‘Presents James Grieve’ is a symbolic name – it’s the variety of apple that grew in the time it took him to produce the album.

It’s this homegrown attitude which extends to his music, which is instantly notable for its many collaborations: all friends and locals to Tony, including drum ‘n bass legend DJ Die and new wave rider Sam Binga.

“I was on a plane to Berlin with Laurie – Appleblim – and I was saying, ‘Look man, I need to get a vocalist.’ Then he said, ‘Jo, my girlfriend, is a singer!’ But no-one had heard her sing.” A quick get-together led him to chop Josefina’s voice up to skittery, warped effect on ‘Just You’.

His shape is one that’s shifted considerably through various bass-led scenes. Headhunter was his first, dubstep-exploring alias, then as Addison Groove he was responsible for introducing footwork to the UK via the Chi-town inspired ‘Footcrab’.

The Windy City is still a presence on the new album, but it’s blurred under flecks of acid and a new rush of jungle hysteria; a style probed by Om Unit, Machinedrum and DJ Rashad. “I play so much jungle in my DJ sets these days it’s unbelievable,” says Tony – and it’s an inevitable progression given the similarity of juke and jungle BPMs.

The album cover is his own snap of the tree, and it’s always good to see an artist keeping things homespun. “I haven’t seen it yet,” Tony finishes, “but I think the back of the CD is gonna have an apple pie that I made!”

Words: Felicity Martin

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Stream ‘Presents James Grieve’ below, exclusively on Clash via Deezer. Read a review of the album here

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Bonus: Addison Groove’s BMX Playlist

As well as being a creator of on-point bass stylings, Addison Groove is also a keen BMXer. Here he’s made Clash a playlist of tracks that he’d take his bike out to…

Femi Kuti – ‘Beng Beng Beng’ (Ashley Beedle’s Afrikans On Marz Mix)
“It was a total accident how I found this. I was in the phase of trying to find as much Afrobeat as possible, which I’m still trying to even scratch the surface of. But this remix of Femi Kuti, who I highly rate, is amazing. I even started a few DJ sets with it.”

Dema Beats – ‘Calibre’
“My favourite d‘n’b tune of last year. I had it on repeat for about a day when I first heard it.”

Anthony Rother – ‘Destroy Him My Robots’
“100% dark E-L-E-C-T-R-O!”

King Tubby – ‘Declaration Of Dub’
“I will never tire of this bassline.”

Goody Goody – ‘It Looks Like Love’
“I stole this track from a Jamie xx mix. It’s very groovy... Super dynamite.”

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Find Addison Groove at the 50Weapons website here

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