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The group pick out some inspirational tracks...

In one fell swoop aespa made global headlines.

Released only a few days ago, the K-Pop group's six-track EP 'Savage' pushed the boundaries, displaying incredible depth for their inaugural project.

A stunning display of K-Pop artistry, aespa seem able to fuse disparate, wide-ranging styles into some potent, whole, and above all unique.

Out now, 'Savage' followed months of work and it drew on the group's diverse music roots.

Writing exclusively for Clash, aespa - KARINA, WINTER, GISELLE, and NINGNING - picks out songs that inspire and help them to channel ‘Savage’ energy in this wonderful playlist.

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KARINA Picks... Emotional Oranges, 'West Coast Love'

WHY: The beat and the melody of the song winds me down and makes me feel calm and centered. It’s one of those songs that you can listen anywhere anytime and makes you feel happy and at peace.

Ella Mai, 'Everything'

WHY: I’ve always liked Ella Mai and her style of music. This song in particular has a nice melody but more importantly, I fell for the lyrics because it holds so much love.

- - -

WINTER Picks... Ed Sheeran, 'Castle On The Hill'

WHY: This was one of the first songs that hit me right in the soul. I’ve always listened to a lot of music but this song gave me a whole new experience that made me fall in love with music even more. When I heard it for the first time, it made me realise what it actually feels like to really fall for a song. This is my go-to song before I start work or when I’m just chilling.

Shawn Mendes, 'Wonder'

WHY: This song makes me feel free and liberated. I listen to this song when I want to clear my head and refresh my mind. Sometimes, I listen to this song before I get on stage to perform. It helps me get in the zone (laughs).

- - -

GISELLE Picks... Blink-182, 'All The Small Things'

WHY: The song gives me good vibes and makes me feel energized. An instant pick-me-up! 

Olivia Rodrigo - 'Hope ur ok'

WHY: The song is powerful and full of emotions. I think it’s one of those songs that would be amazing to hear at a live concert.

- - -

NINGNING Picks... Kendrick Lamar, 'Alright'

WHY: This song cheers me up and puts me in a good mood, especially in the morning when I’m getting ready for the day. Listening to it on full blast give me the energy to start the day on a good note!

CL, 'Wish You Were Here'

WHY: I find this song very healing and relaxing. This song is great to listen to at dawn because it just winds you down and makes you feel warm and cozy. I love the overall vibe of the song and the beat makes it even better.

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