Ryan Vail
A soft, nuanced, wholly infectious return...

Ryan Vail has been through many projects, many different identities.

Debut album 'For Every Silence' for example, was themed around a piano made in 1927, handed down through different generations of his family.

Previously collaborating with songwriters such as Ciaran Lavery, his lucid electronics have always been bound in story-telling and emotional impact.

New album 'Distant Shadows' is another step forward from the Northern Irish musician, using a restrained palette in a highly expressive fashion.

Revolving around the sounds he can conjure, the record also utilises the skills of Rachael Boyd and Laura McCabe on violin and cello, while Australian artist Ry X performs on spoken word piece 'Night Moves'.

A subtle, nuanced return, the slow moving grandeur of the record is set alongside the patient songwriting of Ryan himself.

"'Distorted Shadows' was about capturing the last two years of my life as a musician, trying to make sense of the industry," he explains. "Keeping music as an art form, has always been so important in my writing process. This album reflects a broad range of my musical taste and influences over these last few years. Challenging the standardised way in which musicians now a days think they have to structure songs and tracks. The album was wrote to be listened as a whole, taking the listener on a journey."

Tune in now.

'Distant Colours' will be released on April 20th.

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