Ask The ARMY: What Fans Want From The New BTS Album

Ask The ARMY: What Fans Want From The New BTS Album

‘MAP OF THE SOUL : 7’ lands shortly...

Filled with the bright shine of new of music and nostalgia of the old, global superstars BTS’ fourth studio album ‘MAP OF THE SOUL : 7’ drops tomorrow ( February 21st), and we asked ARMYS which of their burning questions they’d love answered by this much-anticipated release.

Surprising absolutely no one, the passionate fandom – who always have a lot on their mind when it comes to the famed septet – came up with enough questions to write a deeply engaging essay!

With blessed assistance from official Twitter UK fan page @UKBTSARMATION, here are five questions ARMY wants answered by ‘MAP OF THE SOUL : 7’.

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@BorahaeV95 asks: Have BTS conquered their shadow?

Relating to Suga’s ‘Interlude : Shadow’, the first comeback trailer for the album released in January, the question wonders if the septet has managed to break free of their anxieties. Built on the band’s oft-mentioned notion that “fame is like a shadow” – the idea that the more of your dreams you achieve and the higher you rise, the more a fear of losing it all sets in- the track was the first taste of ‘MOTS: 7’ leaving behind the above nagging question which may or may not be answered on the album.

Additionally their first single ‘Black Swan’, which delved into their inner selves as artists and people, once again makes reference to this shadow. Realistically, it’s unlikely that BTS would ever manage to escape the shadows cast by their meteoric rise; achieving fame is hard enough without the constant push of maintaining it.

But with the support of their fans acting as a beacon of light the shadow probably seems a lot less intimidating.

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@asifan113 asks: What music style will lead single ‘ON’ be and what will the members talk about?

The lead single ‘ON’ which is meant to be one of the 15 new songs on the release is particularly special as it includes a feature from multi-platinum artist and nine-time Grammy nominee. It remains to be seen how much influence, if any, Sia – who is best known for hits such as ‘Chandelier’ and ‘Cheap Thrills’ among other successes- has had on the musical stylings of ‘ON’.

As for the message behind the track and what the members will talk about, we’ll know soon enough won’t we?

@sumxyaaa asks: Will the album give us an insight into the journey our boys have gone through personally and where they currently are?

Given the band’s penchant for creating inspirational music drawn from personal experiences and the already released tracks for the album, be it ‘Interlude : Shadow’ or ‘Black Swan’, it’s very likely 'MOTS:7' will take listeners through their journey. In fact, ‘OUTRO : EGO’ led by j-hope is, despite its energetic soundscape, a look into the rapper’s journey to embodying the endless positivity of his stage name.

The lyrics - and the accompanying visuals which takes fans down memory lane - speaks not only of his past of reconciling with the image but also of the present of acceptance and a sense self-love borne out of the stage name he carries.

With parts of their journey already revealed, it wouldn’t be a farfetched idea to assume that there’s more insight to be had into their personal growth, from their upcoming release.

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@Jaminie13 & @PoppyMason9 ask: Will the storyline be connected to HYYH and Save Me webtoon / Is the Bangtan universe still ongoing?

For the uninitiated BTS’ gained their fame not just for their music but for the stories and world-building within their MVs. Beginning from their breakout hit ‘I Need U’ (from their album series HYYH), the band have built an entire alternate universe filled with open-ended yet heart-breaking intricacies; leading to well-researched, developed theories for which the fandom has gained an impressive reputation for itself.

Furthering the incredible universe that Bangtan built through their videos is the webtoon, Save Me , which narrates a realistic story of seven young friends whose fates intertwined through good times and bad, with fictionalised, mystical elements of time travel and fix-its’ coming into play.

As of now there isn’t much indication that 'MOTS:7' is connected to any storyline or if the universe is on-going; if it isn’t that’s just depressing because this well-developed world is painfully relatable and better than any novel or film I’ve come across.

If you don’t know about it, then do yourselves a favour and go delve into the Bangtan universe – it’s a rabbit hole of theories, music, and so many tears, but so worth it!

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@CindySunich3 asks: Will Kim Taehyung get major vocal solo he deserves?

Considering the fact that V’s ‘Singularity’ is one of BTS’ most critically acclaimed tracks and that he reigns over the top three streaming platforms - YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify - as the only Korean act in history with songs over 100 million streams ,with him very recently surpassing 100 million on Spotify, a major solo is incredibly well-deserved. His vocal evolution has been a treat to the ears – as much as he is a treat to the eyes - and no one will (no one should) disagree with this!

The Twitter user even reveals their hopes for it being the track ‘Moon’ - so all prizes to them if it turns out to be true.

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BONUS! @taetaearmyyy2 asks a very important question that requires attention:

Will Yoongi whisper ‘Suga’ again?

Quite self-explanatory and for their sakes (and mine) I sure hope so!

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Picked from a range of questions from brilliant, enquiring minds (special shout out to Ash, the admin of @UKBTSARMATION for compiling them), we’ll know the final answers in just a few hours…

Words: Malvika Padin

'Map Of The Soul: 7' will be released tomorrow (February 21st).

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