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Slot Machine guide Clash through their home city...

The growth of the internet is making much easier for localised scenes to make a global footprint.

2018 has seen some clear indications of that, with K-Pop groups such as BTS becoming genuinely international phenomenons.

It would be wrong to view South East Asia as simply a hub for futuristic pop, though, with the area's indie rock underground making huge strides.

Take Bangkok trio Slot Machine. Across six studio albums they have become huge stars in their homeland, writing some incredible music long the way.

Always proponents of the scene they emerged from, Slot Machine recently got in touch with Clash, asking to write a few words on the bars, record shops, and musicians that make Bangkok an unrivalled hub for new music.

Slot Machine singer Foet explains:

"The indie music scene in Bangkok is on the rise. Things such as social awareness via education, networking and social media, YouTube etc are helping but it still remains difficult for new artists to survive and receive income from solely making music."

Join us for a deep dive into the Bangkok underground...

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Bangkok Live Venues...

There aren’t many conventional live music venues in Bangkok. Local bands can be found playing in shops, bars, restaurants and a range of other places.

Black Cabin Bar // SITE

Black Cabin is an underground music venue in the heart of Bangkok. It is a hidden gem in Bangkok with great live music. It is small but has a great vibe. Rock / funk / soul / indie pop... it’s all here!

Studio Lam // SITE

Studio Lam was created with the aim of providing a home for creative new music that exists outside of the mainstream. Small, groovy and intimate. A good spot to hear every kind of sounds from all parts of the world.

Play Yard Studio Bar // SITE

High quality live music everyday with a different daily theme. Upbeat pop rock / folk / hard rock / jazz / soul. This place ROCKS!

New Bangkok bands...

There are currently many exciting bands developing in Bangkok across many genres - from hip-hop to rock and all genres in between. My current favourites are:

Bedroom Audio // SITE

Bedroom Audio are an indie rock band that started out making music in the singers bedroom... hence the band’s name. The band became successful after one of their songs was featured in a Thai TV series called Hormones.

In 2017 Bedroom Audio released their debut album and have recorded new music in 2018 with the release of a number of singles.

Electric Neon Lamp // SITE

ENL are a precise and distinctive four piece band with a colourful pop / rock sound. Quirky rhythms, unique lyrics and they are an energetic, live band.

Monkey Business // SITE

Monkey Business are unique and playful. They like to experiment with pop and rock sounds. Lyrically, they write about daily life but always from a different, more entertaining perspective. The band opened for CHVRCHES recently.

Indie Record Stores in BKK...

8musique // SITE

8musique is a selective record shop for music lovers with lots of great vinyl! I am looking forward to visiting 8musique soon to hopefully find a copy of the new, remastered version of The Beatles' 'White Album'. I am a big fan of The Beatles!

The owner is very passionate about vinyl and he is always on hand to introduce new artists to us, as well as recommend excellent albums from iconic, great artists that we love such as Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley and more. Vit, our guitarist loves Jeff Beck, so he is always on the lookout for anything from Jeff.

Bungkumhouse Records // SITE

Bungkumhouse, is a nice cozy place to dig through new and used records. You can even find rare funk records here. It is a great place to visit... friendly staff and a good range of records. A lot of musicians hang out here.

Garage Records // SITE

You can pretty much find everything that you want here form The Stones Roses to The Vaccines and all in between. They have lots of Japanese pressings too. I recently found an original pressing of Queen’s 'A Day At The Races' here! A great place to celebrate World Record Store Day!

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