The competition is hotting up...

The Clash Albums Of The Year countdown has reached the twenties - things are getting serious...

So without further ado, here's how we ranked some of the year's finest releases.

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30. Luke Vibert - 'Bizarster'

Clash said:
"Part of the spectacle when Vibert pits fun-loving opportunism with genre-crossing IQ, is how to react when he plays the game straighter. This time round, 'Bizarster' has these in the minority; whereas 'Hey Go' claws at cabaret crushed velvet, and 'Officers Club' funks Scruffily, 'Manalog' is the sole, slightly noodly odd one out on an album of big punchlines, defrosted drum breaks snapping necks like breadsticks, and foibles for the eagle-eared to pick out listen after listen."

29. Future - 'DS2'

Future said:
"Everything that I do is intentional. It’s been the driving force of my whole career. I’m making those records that catch people off guard."

28. Gwenno - 'Y Dydd Olaf'

Clash said:
"Like the recent Jane Weaver album, this is a musically adventurous record that's sugared by its pop sensibility. 'Patriarchaeth' bends and flexes around some rubbery synths, before changing into a soaring sing-a-long – it's about the crushing grip of the patriarchy. 'Stwff' pulls a similar trick, its cheeriness masking a song about trying (and failing) to fit in."

27. Foals - 'What Went Down'

Clash said:
"Solid proof of the sound progression that's taken place between each album, ultimately morphing from a young group of musicians filling a niche indie pigeonhole to an unruly beast..."

26. The Chemical Brothers - 'Born In The Echoes'

Clash said:
"It's maybe the precedent set by past rock stars that dictates that bands burn out or bore us by this stage in their career but, much like '90s peers Leftfield and Underworld, the Chemical Brothers continue to buck any notions of a creative burn-out with their strongest release in a decade."

25. Sleaford Mods - 'Key Markets'

Clash said:
"It's unlikely that the band will have converted anyone who wasn't a fan prior to 'Key Markets' but they will have gained thousands of loyal new ones, that much is certain. It says something about our society that an act so obtuse and jagged as Sleaford Mods have made it to where they are now, and something else about Williamson and Fearn's own determination and belief in their vision. Sleaford Mods have managed to express perfectly and effortlessly, what it feels like to live in 21st century Britain and from here, they can only get bigger."

24. Travis Scott - 'Rodeo'

Travis Scott said:
"I really wanna do that music all day f*cking long. Then in rap I’m trying to break that barrier. It’s just my likings; that’s how I grew up. That’s what I was listening to; it was like a mixture between rap and stuff like Archy’s (Marshall, aka King Krule) shit and Jai Paul."

23. Tobias Jesso Jr. - 'Goon'

Clash said:
"It's full of ballads for the suffering. It's for smoky, late nights of reflection and proves that sometimes being brutally honest about the situation you have found yourself in - whether that be love, work, family - can help you on your way to pastures new."

22. Dornik - 'Dornik'

Clash said:
"In some ways, Dornik is the yin to The Weeknd's yang. Whereas Abel Tesfaye's slow jams belie a sinister undertone, Dornik's tracks display more innocent traits. Either way, Dornik has come out of leftfield to release one of the best quality and most addictive pop records of recent times."

21. Little Simz - 'A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons'

Little Simz said:
"It’s mad how the easiest thing to do is deemed as the hardest, and that’s just to be yourself."

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