An immersive experience from the Tel Aviv beat-maker...

Rejoicer has always gone a little deeper than most.

Part of the Tel Aviv beats scene, his style utilises warped counterpoints to club tropes, subverting these techniques in a way that makes sense to him.

An artist with a deeply rooted spiritual aspect to his identity - yoga, meditation are recurring methods in his process - Rejoicer recently returned to these themes for a full length album.

Out now on Stones Throw, 'Spiritual Sleaze' is perhaps his broadest document yet, something that encompasses everything from Aphex Twin to Steve Reich via J Dilla.

Sessions began in Los Angeles, linking together some of his Raw Tapes comrades, before returning to Tel Aviv.

Fittingly, this new DJ Mix for Clash doesn't touch on either city - constructed in Berlin, it's a mesh of unreleased and soon to be released material, a sign of the immense creativity Rejoicer is able to draw on.

He comments...

I mixed this whilst chilling and smoking kush weed at my good friend Werd's flat in X-berg, Berlin. Almost everything is unreleased or about to be released, except for 'Masok - Remedy’, a track that I love so much and just came out on my label, Raw Tapes.

There are a lot of tracks from recent projects I am working on - Lakeview (with Amir Bresler, Nitai Hershkovits and Yonatan Albalak), Daskal (out soon on Raw Tapes), Maya Dunietz (Jazz piano trio, also out soon on Raw Tapes), Avishai Cohen (Big Vicious and some trumpet and electronics we're doing together), iogi, etc.

Really excited to release this music in 2020.

Tune in now.

Rejoicer - Digital Forest (Unreleased)
LakeView - LakeView (Unreleased)
Daskal - Womb Womb (Unreleased)
Rejoicer - Over Pain feat. Sharada Shashidhar & Jamael Dean (Unreleased)
Rejoicer - Earth Talk feat. Sam Wilkes (Spiritual Sleaze, Stones Throw)
LakeView - Yaki's Delight (Unreleased)
Rejoicer - Eagle in the Lodge (Spiritual Sleaze, Stones Throw)
Rejoicer - Coliformia (Unreleased)
Maya Dunietz - Opus 1 (Unreleased)
Masok - Remedy (Raw Tapes)
Daskal - Disco Xmas (Unreleased)
Rejoicer - Date and Bio (Unreleased)
Avishai Cohen's Big Vicious - Honey Fountain (Unreleased)
Rejoicer - My Beans feat. KerenDun (Spiritual Sleaze, Stones Throw)
Hippie Hair Cut - Dragon Ride (Unreleased)
iogi x Rejoicer - Not a Remedy (Unreleased)
? - Für Maya (Unreleased)
Avishai Cohen x Rejoicer - I Like Your Weird Stuff (Unreleased)

- - -

Rejoicer's new album 'Spiritual Sleaze' is out now.

Photo Credit: Eric Coleman

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