...an epic, career-spanning selection of beats and rhymes
The Herbaliser

Hip hop and funk giants The Herbaliser serve up an epic, career-spanning selection of beats and rhymes for the latest Clash DJ podcast.

Formed in London in the early nineties over a shared passion for hip hop, jazz and funk, Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba have steered their outfit down a variety of musical avenues over the years, delving into funk, jazz and soul, but never straying too far from the beats that inspired them in the first place.

Looking back on a fruitful career – one which is still very much in bloom – the duo have put together a special mix which explores some of the most significant moments of their past. But this is far from a predictable ‘greatest hits’ selection – ‘Herbology Vol. 1’ focuses primarily on the duo’s heavier hip hop leanings, thoughtfully and professionally spliced together and featuring some of their sharpest vocal contributors.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s Ollie Teeba with the lowdown.

“During the production of our most recent album, ‘There Were Seven’, we revisited a lot of our previous material for a listen, as we felt that we wanted to return to our darker, more atmospheric sound for this new record. We got very inspired by some of this older material, some of which we hadn’t heard in years.                                                                                                      

“We decided that, since these days there are several great platforms for DJ mixes on the net like SoundCloud, etc, it was about time there was an official Herbaliser megamix of all these artefacts from our history. Rather than making a list of our most popular tracks and then trying to fit all these disparate elements together, we just let it grow organically, one piece at a time, letting the songs themselves tell us what they wanted to be mixed with. Every piece featured is something we have utilised in some form on one of our many releases, and there’s a hell of a lot of material to work through!                                                                                               

“It took a while and the end result is ‘Herbology Vol. 1’, a heavy, multi-layered mix of all sorts of different material from our past and present, be they well known or obscure. Also featuring our greatest rap collaborations, with the likes of Roots Manuva, Jean Grae, MF DOOM and Rakaa Iriscience, among others. We very much hope you enjoy it.”

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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1. AM prelude (from Session 2)/Wall Crawling intro (from Very Mercenary)/Who’s the Realest intro (from Very Mercenary)
2. The Hard Stuff/Verbal Anime acapella ft. Rakaa Iriscience (from Something Wicked This Way Comes)/A Mother for Your Mind (from Blow Your Headphones) 
3. A Mother for your Mind/Just Won’t Stop acapella ft. Yungun (from Same as it Never Was)/Song for Mary (from Take London)
4. Song for Mary/Game, Set and Match acapella (from Same as it Never Was)
5. Verbal Anime remix instrumental/Generals acapella ft. Trap Clappa, Cheech Marina, Daddy Mills, A.K., MacGuyver and Jean Grae (from Take London)/Who’s the Realest (from Very Mercenary)/Another Mother (from Blow Your Headphones)
6. Another mother/Eight Point Agenda acapella ft. Latyryx/Game, Set and Match instrumental (from Same as it Never Was)
7. Game, Set and Match instrumental/Zero Hill ft. Twin Peaks acapella (from There Were Seven)/Eight Point Agenda Version 2 instrumental
8. Cursed Stone part 1(from Nuggets 03)/Lord, Lord acapella feat Roots Manuva (from Take London)/Serge instrumental (from Take London)
9. Serge instrumental/A Sad State of Affairs a cappella ft. George the Poet
10. Moon Sequence (from Very Mercenary)/The Lost Boy a cappella ft. Hannah Clive (from There Were Seven)/When I Shine acapella ft. Bahamadia (from Very Mercenary)/Stranded on Earth (from Same as it Never Was)
11. Stranded on Earth/Meteoric instrumental (from Take London)/Tea and Beer acapella (from Solid Steel - Herbal Blend)/Mother Dove (from There Were Seven)
12. Mother Dove (from There Were Seven)/Kittynapper (from Take London)/Crimes and Misdemeanours instrumental (from There Were Seven) /It Ain’t Nothin’ acapella ft. MF DOOM (from Something Wicked This Way Comes)
13. 24 Karat Blag (from Something Wicked This Way Comes)/Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks bonus beats (from Very Mercenary)/Failure’s No Option acapella ft. Cappo (from Take London)
14. Ginger Jumps the Fence (from Blow Your Headphones)/Time to Build bonus beats (from Something Wicked This Way Comes)/Battle of Bongo Hill alt version (from Something Wicked This Way Comes)/Danny Glover acapella ft. Twin Peaks (from There Were Seven
15. Battle of Bongo Hill alt version/Goldrush (from Very Mercenary)/Time to Build acapella (from Something Wicked This Way Comes)/Move as One (from There Were Seven)/Theme from Control Centre (from Blow Your Headphones)/Theme from Control Centre (from Session 2)

Words by Tristan Parker
Photo Credit: Dave Tonge



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