Sharing a few of her favourite things
Clash Magazine - Hollie Cook by Marc Sethi

This year Hollie supported The Stone Roses at Heaton Park and let Prince Fatty go dub-nutty on her album. Here’s what she’s also been into.

Favourite Album

“I’ve often been fickle when it comes to listening to music and have gotten  into a habit of not listening to whole  albums lately. But a recent one that I can listen to regardless of my mood is ‘Egyptian Wrinkle’ by Boyfriend. The vocals are reverbed to fuck and the synths wrap me up in a warm fuzzy hug and soothe my soul.”
Favourite  Film

“This is an easy one: Ladies And Gentlemen The Fabulous Stains. I must have seen it for the first time at around twelve or thirteen-yearsold. Girls with attitude and punk hairdos, rocking out and doing what they want was bound to catch my attention. I just thought they were cool. Plus my dad [Pistols drummer Paul Cook] is in it,  which is highly amusing for me.”

Favourite TV

“Although I’m not massive on television, I’d say [American reality  show] Bad Girls Club. Put a bunch  of unstable women in a house who all claim to be a badder bitch than the rest. Get them drunk so they have fights and pull out each others’ weave. The only thing better is David Attenborough.”

Favourite Book

“It takes me a long time to get through a book. Honestly the last one I read was 50 Shades Of Grey. There was enough sex to keep me interested but even then I need something slightly more compelling. I shall be going back to Anais Nin’s Delta Of Venus, which is a timeless favourite. Short weird stories work better for my short attention span.”



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