Do My Thing: The Effortless Rise Of Aitch

Do My Thing: The Effortless Rise Of Aitch

Charting his explosive impact in five releases...

Hitting a million followers in the same week as he released his second EP ‘Aitch2O’, Manchester rapper Aitch – known to his mum as Harrison Armstrong - is a young superstar in the making. Part of a new wave of energy in Manchester’s music scene, he’s made his mark on the scene nationally with numerous features as well as his own instantly recognisable bangers.

Constantly interacting with fans and showing a very welcoming and loveable personality in interviews, Aitch is slowly but surely becoming the nation’s sweetheart.

With the phenomenal expansion of this young gentleman’s fanbase – not to mention his natural talent - Clash takes a look at Aitch’s career-defining moments to date that propelled him to become the hottest rapper in the country right now.

- - -

Aitch – ‘Straight Rhymez’

Uploaded on his own channel back in 2018, the video is your typical car park freestyle video. However, this was the song that put this precocious MC into a race of worthy rap contenders.

Gaining the attention of Stormzy, Aitch’s name began to bubble under the surface before it would erupt to be the name in everyone’s mouth. Now with 14 million views, Aitch credits this video as the one that set everything off for him.

- - -

Russ x Tion Wayne – ‘Keisha & Becky Remix’ ft. Aitch, JAY1, Sav’O & Swarmz

Jumping on the remix of this already viral tune was a no-brainer to establish himself even further within the industry. With an exemplary line up, Aitch came out on top with the best verse undoubtedly.

Boasting a flow that was unmatched as well as memorable lyrics and punchlines, the cheeky demeanour of his verse also added to his it-factor. Widening his demographic by jumping on a supposed ‘drill’ track, Mr Armstrong managed to gain the admiration of more fans and this was only the beginning. 

- - -

Young T & Bugsey ft. Aitch – ‘Strike A Pose’

Just one month later – this June, in fact - and Aitch is ready to tackle another feature, this time with Nottingham’s finest Young T & Bugsey.

With the song now becoming an anthem for girls to get ready to as well as being used in a Pretty Little Thing campaign, the song is a self-declared banger and allows all artists to shine equally. In doing so, the release has become increasingly popular over the last few months and managed to break into the Top Ten just last week.

- - -

Aitch – ‘Taste (Make It Shake)’

The first single off of his second EP, ‘Taste’ elaborates that Aitch is just here to have a great time. With lyrics that are about this infamous desirable lady, the song is indeed a banger.

Now sitting at number three in the charts, with a very catchy chorus, just as entertaining video and of course some naughty lyrics, this song left everyone wondering just how the insane the following EP could be. As ever, Aitch did not disappoint.

- - -

Ed Sheeran – ‘Take Me Back To London’ (Sir Spyro Remix) ft. Stormzy, Jaykae & Aitch

With collaborations alongside the likes of Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and more, it’s a proven rule that Ed Sheeran only works with the best of the best. So when you’re approached to have a verse on a remix of one of his songs, it’s safe to say that you’re up there.

Featured alongside UK giants Stormzy and Jaykae, it’s clear to even the biggest critic that Aitch is in the big leagues. This song also managed to hit number one which makes Aitch the only UK rap artist to have had three songs in the Top Ten at once – by any standards a huge achievement.

To be from Manchester (and not even the capital) amplifies his impact on this London-centric track, as it shows there is evidently rap talent across the country and not just near the Thames.

- - -

Words: Debbie Ijaduola

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