Wire, The Wytches, Lonelady pick artists to watch...

With events in New York and London under their belts, the DRILL team has proved to be adept at finding public arenas for avant-garde art.

Deciding to see out the year with a fresh festival, DRILL has its sights set on Brighton. Not only that, but continually inventive punk legends Wire have agreed to come on board as co-curators.

Running December 4th-7th at venues around the south coast city, DRILL: BRIGHTON is the perfect way to chase away those winter blues.

Including sets from (deep breath) Wire, Swans, Young Fathers, Savages, British Sea Power, Gold Panda, These New Puritans and many, many more, this is pretty much indispensable.

Clash asked four acts from the bill - step forward Wire, The Wytches, Samaris and Lonelady - to name potential highlights.

- - -

Wire's Colin Newman chooses...

Ulrich Schnauss - 'On My Own'
From his 2003 album 'A Strangely Isolated Place', it is a track which is both ground-breaking for its time and gorgeous in its intricately crafted structure. Anyone wanting to know more about Ulrich should definitely start here!

TOY - 'Left Myself Behind'
The B-side of their first single, it's got that motorik [feel] but in addition the end section, where the guitars build and build but in a completely non-obvious way, is a total joy.

Lonelady - 'Marble'
From her 2010 debut album 'Nerve Up', a minimalist groove with her very distinctive guitar playing style wrapped around a rather beautiful song.

- - -

Dan Rumsey from The Wytches chooses...

Black Honey - 'Sleep Forever'
People should go and watch Black Honey. They are fairly new but live they really bring it with skilful songwriting and pop melodies. I think they have about four songs out already online, 'Sleep Forever' being the first they put out earlier this year.

Gianni Honey from The Wytches chooses...

Traams - 'Head Roll'
In my opinion one of the most underrated British bands around. Me and Leigh, their bassist, got hammered at a festival in York once. They played great and we sucked, as I couldn't negotiate the slanted stage.

- - -

Jófríður Ákadóttir (Samaris, singer) chooses...

These New Puritans - 'Fragment Two'
I'm curious about these because of their use of classical instruments.

Three Trapped Tigers - 'Cramm'
I really like Three Trapped Tigers, mainly because of their energy on stage.

Courtney Barnett - 'Avant Gardener'
I chose this one because of our friend Alicia who lives in Sydney - we listened to Courtney on the Australian radio on our way to the beach last January.

- - -

Lonelady chooses...

Wire - 'I Should Have Known Better'
Wire always delight me; there's something about their musical personality, both collectively and as individuals that totally sparks my antennae. They have a kind of portfolio of musical languages; economical, inventive, playful, abrasive, melodic, atonal, the list goes on... They explore so much territory while always sounding like Wire. They operate between poles of high art and pop catchiness - and it's just perfect to my ears.

Graham Lewis (under the name 'Gilbert and Lewis') - 'Ends With The Sea'
I know there's a whole back catalogue of weird and wonderful Graham Lewis releases out there I've yet to get around to hearing. Esoteric, experimental, 'difficult', absurd? Great, bring it on.

These New Puritans - 'We Want War'
Having played (all too few) shows with TNP I am a big fan of 'Hidden'. I liked seeing a band unafraid of presenting something ambitious and serious. I am interested to see how they continue to absorb and wrangle with contemporary classical influences and 'pop' song forms.

- - -

DRILL: BRIGHTON runs between December 4th-7th - TICKET LINK

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