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While many publications are dishing out their scathing political commentaries, or in fact just endless photographs of Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich, we’re gonna focus on the more important matter at hand: what on earth are we going to be dancing to this month?

Clash has had plenty of exciting new electronic sounds to choose from, and here we’ve selected the finest six slabs of vinyl to play out on those warm days and balmy nights. Stream them, read about them, do whatever the hell you like with them…

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‘Return EP’

With an astronaut image covering the release, Deadboy’s title track and opener ‘Return’ could actually soundtrack a space exploration doc with its dreamy, hazy flow. That soon changes when ‘Des Niles’ struts forth as a funk-house whomper; next comes the 2-stepping ‘YHVH’ and finally sinogrime gets a look in as the panpipes are brought out on ‘Life Code’.

- - -

‘Chorus Memory EP’

You know that moment on the dancefloor when everyone starts nodding in Churchill unison? That’s ‘Cage’, on Will Ward’s new EP. You can unscrew your face now, as the other three tracks carve a mellower joint; ‘Squeak’ is breathy tech, while the reverb-heavy title cut plinks about on a warped steel drum.

- - -

‘Contact EP’

A garage in Peckham may have just sold for £550k, but don’t let that put you off SLO’s new EP, his second Hotflush dalliance. UK to its core, the ‘Contact’ EP’s basslines throb madly while percussion patters on dutifully, with the odd rave whistle to remind anyone who’s forgotten what they’re meant to be doing.

- - -

‘Moleskin EP’

Ever economical with his releases, Goon Club head Moleskin lifts his head above water for a solo peek. Whether it’s bubble-bursting marrying with seductive jungle breaks on ‘Clemency’ or disco funk filling a tech mould on ‘Turnt On’, each track is a feast of weird ‘n’ wonderful experimentation that’ll have you skanking and philosophising in equal measure.

- - -


Even down to the catalogue titling, ‘RS1403’ is a bold record, where we’re seeing the Glaswegian at his strongest. ‘LSD’ winds into a mesmerising groove while ‘Oni’ throws vocal cuts like daggers. The chopped take on funk and vocoding on ‘Green Man’ is a true moment of genius, like when someone on Masterchef attempts to deconstruct a pie.

- - -


The muscular Irish lads are back on Will Saul’s Aus, for this double-headed dose of steady analogue techno. As lethal as it is melancholic, ‘NRG106’ tugs at deep and dubby layers while the fuzzy house pads of ‘Circles’ are the business: a straight-up, on-the-rocks banger.

- - -

Words: Felicity Martin (Twitter)

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