Touring tales with the dreamy Australian...

Brisbane's Hatchie has this empathetic streak to her songwriting that makes each track feel like a personal message to the listener.

Debut EP 'Sugar & Spice' landed last year, a deft, dreamy fusion of shoegaze colours dappled with the odd note of synthetic sound.

Touring relentlessly, Hatchie found time to focus on her new album, with 'Keepsake' set to land on June 21st.

It's a beautifully judged introduction, a full length that is both exceptionally immediate and wonderfully broad.

Clash caught up with Hatchie to find out her tips on surviving life on the road in Good Trip, Bad Trip...

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Best Trip...

The best trip we’ve been on tour is probably the week we spent in LA last year. We only had one radio session and one festival slot, with a whole week off in between! Time off in one place on tour is extremely rare for us, so it was especially exciting to be spending it somewhere as fun as LA.

We got to completely relax, catch up with friends, eat and drink all week without rushing around like we usually do on tour. We did a few super touristy things we never get to do too, like go see the Hollywood sign from the Griffith Observatory at sunset.

Worst Trip...

Personally, my worst trip was probably the week I spent sick in London last year because I got a searing throat infection and lost my voice a few days into our first UK tour. Luckily it was another one of the rare times we had a few days off, so I didn’t have to cancel any shows.

I did have to sit inside wallowing in my own misery, watching TV for five days straight during a shockingly sunny British summer though!

Favourite venue...

I think The Forum in Melbourne is my favourite venue I’ve played. It’s got a beautiful lit up ceiling with a faux starry night sky, plus a bunch of old statues scattered around so it feels a bit like a gallery.

Best/worst exotic food...

I tried some interesting dried mango coated in chilli salt driving through New Mexico a few weeks ago. Still can’t figure out if I loved it or not.

Worst on tour injury...

We’re currently touring the UK and our drummer Ritchie has had a migraine for six days! He also had an excruciating one on the 14-hour flight back from our last US tour. He has handled it with grace and poise.

Essential travel item...

A reusable water bottle!

Essential travel tip...

Get some SLEEP! I have spent too many tours exhausted and sick, partly due to lack of sleep. Never again.

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Hatchie's debut album 'Keepsake' will be released on June 21st via Heavenly Recordings.

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