Imagine Dragons
Hugely successful Las Vegas group on their touring exploits...

Imagine Dragons have reached a new level.

The hugely successful Las Vegas group recently completed their Smoke + Mirrors tour, which has seen them play play 110 dates in 42 countries on five continents.

A life-changing experience for the American band, Imagine Dragons have pieced together footage from their incredible Toronto show on a new DVD.

“It's tough to adequately capture a live experience on camera, especially for a production as multi-sensory as the Smoke + Mirrors Tour - but we couldn't be more excited with how it all came together”, said the band. “The film really immerses you in the moment and conveys the emotion of the concert. We're excited to share it with fans who couldn't make it out to the tour or for those who want to relive the experience."

The perfect excuse, then, for a fresh instalment of Good Trip, Bad Trip.

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Best Trip...
Our first North American bus tour was pretty amazing. It was a lot of work, but we had so much fun and made so many friends. We weren't a headlining band yet, but I feel like we played some of our best sets during that tour.

Worst Trip...
That same North American tour would probably also have to be our worst trip. We had no idea what we were doing. Our bus toilet was constantly full to the point of overflowing and we regularly ran out of drinking water. I remember brushing my teeth with energy drinks in many a sad parking lot throughout the Mid-West.

Our favourite foreign venue...
Well, I don't know if it's exactly a "venue", but our favourite show on foreign soil would have to be our show at Lollapalooza Brazil in Sao Paulo. 80,000 of the most passionate, beautiful people we had ever seen came out to our set. God, I love Brazil.

We’re surprisingly popular in...

Best or worst exotic foodstuff...
I'd say that the most challenging exotic food that we have tried would have to be balut in Manila. Balut is a nearly fully formed duck embryo that is steamed and served in its shell. It tastes kind of like hard-boiled duck egg soup, but with more bones and feathers. It's best to suck it out of the shell without looking at it because they have fully formed eyes, and it's always harder to eat something after establishing eye contact.

Most interesting individual you've met on the road...
We played a festival in Arendal, a little town on the southern tip of Norway one Summer. We met so many wonderful people there, but one of the most memorable was a gentleman named Ingar. He was the captain of a small ship there, and after we danced in the woods all night, he loaded us onto his boat and took us to a secret island where we hiked through the brush and climbed a rock overlooking a bay where you could see five lighthouses up and down the coast through the early morning mist. He told us stories of pirates around the camp-fire. We're still in touch with that magical man.

Worst on-tour injury, or infection, or accident...
At a show in Berlin, Dan once managed to break, nay, SHATTER his wrist on his bass drum. Fortunately it was during our last song. No encore that night.

My essential travel item…
I keep a toothbrush and toothpaste in every bag that I have. Can't stand not being able to brush my teeth on the road.

My essential travel tip...
Possessions are fleeting. Things will not go as planned. Keep an open mind and look for the silver lining. You can still have a great time in Tokyo without your luggage. And you'll leave with a more culturally vibrant wardrobe.

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Imagine Dragons release ‘Smoke + Mirrors Live’ on 3rd June. Available on DVD, Blue-ray, Digital Download & exclusive fan packages. Pre-order HERE.

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