Touring tales from the Nova Scotia group...

Canadian groups do proper tours.

Here in the UK anything more than a three hour drive is considered excruciating, with most cities almost within spitting distance of one another.

Our Canadian cousins, however, do things a little differently. Nap Eyes hail from Nova Scotia, so even the most cursory tour - three, perhaps four cities - can be a huge undertaking.

Somehow, they do it. Each new album sounds distinctive, moving from scratchy punk origins into something rather more meditative.

New album 'Snapshot Of A Beginner' lands this month, and it continues the band's journey, with Nap Eyes moving into introspective grounds and psychedelic fluctuations.

Frontman Nigel Chapman looks back on their journeys for Good Trip, Bad Trip...

- - -

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Best Trip?

Hired a driver once for a Euro tour. Listening to Kraftwerk on the Autobahn in a horse tranquilizer trance is tops.

Worst Trip?

Anytime we’ve put the wrong city/venue into the GPS and then the staff at the Lizard Lounge don’t know who you are.

Favourite venue…

Toss up between Saturn in Birmingham for the crash space above the venue and Chicago Theatre for the history (watch the opening of the John Mulaney special The Comeback Kid to see what I mean).

Best or worst exotic food…

Pierogi swimming in margarine in Thunder Bay. The only time I’ve ever turned down free food.

Most interesting individual you’ve met on tour…

Our label friends sent us out to meet Lonnie Holley at his art studio and he showed us his work and even improvised some music on his piano. Very inspiring level of creativity. Thumbs up for Mother Universe!

Worst tour incident…

San Fran van break in. They stole our dirty laundry!

Essential travel item…

Earplugs. We wear them 24/7 so we don’t have to talk to each other.

Essential travel tip…

Try and get some exercise because your body will begin to atrophy if you don’t. Four to ten hours a day in a van over a month or two will do that to you.

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- - -

Nap Eyes will release new album 'Snapshot Of A Beginner' on March 27th.

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