Tales from the road...

Poliça have come back from the brink.

Their new record ‘When We Stay Alive’ was inspired by a brush with death, when singer Channy Leaneagh slipped off her roof while clearing ice in early 2018.

In the resulting fall she smashed her L1 vertebrae and battered her spine, leaving her in a brace. Striving to regain both her physical and mental health, this process has shaped the songwriting on the new project, which possesses a new-found confidence in its sound.

This confidence is reflected in the album’s fierce, determined songs, anchored by the heavy synths and punctuating beats of producer Ryan Olson.

The band are set to take this on a UK tour in February, so in preparation the band spoke to Clash about their experiences on the road...

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Best Trip...

When we played Bahidorá Festival about 2 hours south of Mexico City. Our soundcheck was 24 hours in advance, so we had no choice but to swim in the natural springs, eat various mole dishes, lounge around the gorgeous private forest while we awaited our set time. (Drew Christopherson, drums)

Worst Trip...

Our first trip to EU/UK was a four-day whirlwind of London, Paris, and Berlin. We accumulated about six hours of sleep in those four days, with interviews, press meals, and shows each day.

Falling asleep in an interview is not a good look, and Channy won't come near the smell of currywurst anymore. (Drew Christopherson, drums)

Favourite venue... I think the most immersive and bizarre space we’ve ever performed in was David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive inspired Parisian nightclub, Silencio.

You descend six flights of stairs in near darkness and emerge to a set of corridors and rooms that violate depth perception, intricately ornamented, perfectly surreal; the small stage with red curtain ripped strait from twin peaks.

To top it off, there was a person staged behind a plate glass wall wearing a giant cat head with glowing red eyes. I needn’t say more. (Chris Bierden, bass)

Best or worst exotic food...

We have had some hilarious experiences ordering "Mexican food" throughout Eastern Europe. Shredded carrots on Doritos, for example.

My personal favourite, the "Mexican Special" in Stuttgart: six chicken tenders, six chicken wings, six chicken nuggets. (Drew Christopherson, drums)

Most interesting individual you’ve met on tour…

No joke, Macaulay Culkin once babysat Ryan and Channy’s four-month-old in the green room while we preformed at Rough Trade NYC.

The man is an absolute gem, I tell ya. (Chris Bierden, bass)

Worst tour incident...

We drove off the road in the Rocky Mountains during a blizzard on one of our first tours together.

We were all terrified, but managed to push ourselves back on to the road and survived without injury. (Drew Christopherson, drums)

Essential travel item...

I think its really important to have one of those long-arm pincher grabber things that old people use. You can adjust the radio and heating knobs from the back seat without waking up the driver or front-seat passenger.

No one else agrees that this is important. (Drew Christopherson, drums)

Essential travel tip...

If your band doesn't want you to buy one of those long-arm pincher grabber things that old people use, just buy it any way.

And bring a jump rope or skateboard to get your heart-rate up at gas station breaks. (Drew Christopherson, drums)

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