Staring into the depths of the universe... in Canada!
The Dodos

The Dodos have come full circle. A much loved San Francisco based project, the group recently stripped their sound back to its core.

New album 'Individ' will be released on February 10th, a collection of gentle, unforced songs which demonstrate a carefree, unhurried sense of creativity.

Fantastic live, the group's near-constant touring has left them with some tales to tell.

- - -

Best Trip...
In recent memory it's gotta be tripping on mushrooms at River & Sky Festival in rural Ontario. After our set, as the rest of the festival grounds were descending into good natured debauchery, we spent what seemed like hours with two astronomers and their high powered telescopes peering into the depths of the universe through a crystal clear Canadian night sky.

Worst Trip...
Probably our first mini tour to Arizona. We played to nobody of course and didn't even find a floor to sleep on but were directed by some locals to a safe street where we could sleep in our car. No blankets and a thunderstorm ensured we didn't sleep but we wouldn't have anyway because there was a serial killer on the loose at the time!

My favourite foreign venue...
Saint Canice's Cathedral in Kilkenny Ireland. They only let us in because we were playing with the Stargaze Orchestra so I don't know if we'll ever get to go back, but certainly the most beautiful place we've ever played. Grand spires, tombs, and ancient moss covered gravestones all around.

We are surprisingly popular in...
We stay pretty consistent but I think I was recently surprised in Belgium, Montreal, and South Korea.

Best or worst exotic foodstuff...
Congealed pig blood on a stick! Covered in ground peanuts and hot sauce it had the look of a giant gummy bear filet that had been dropped in a pile of sawdust. We ate it all though.

The most interesting individual I've met on the road...
There's a lot of characters out there but the most recent one is a gentleman we met in El Paso, Texas. He looked like the leader of a Mexican motorcycle gang, but was actually a tennis coach and Alice Cooper aficionado who had never touched a drop of alcohol his whole life. He liked our set so much he took us out for tacos the next day and ended up stopping a parked car from rolling downhill into traffic with his bare hands.

Worst on-tour injury, accident or infection...
Meric got mono on tour once and somehow he played through it. He'd just sleep all day until it was time to rock. He played great too except that he sweated buckets and had to change his strings every night before they rusted.

My essential travel item...
A pillow can make a world of difference sometimes, so can a good book.

My essential travel tip...
I need to heed my own advice here but don't be afraid to talk to strangers. I love it when foreign tourists ask me questions in San Francisco, so sometimes you need to just be the ignorant tourist you really are.

Photo Credit: Chloe Aftel

- - -

The Dodos are set to release 'Individ' on February 10th.

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