Socks, water parks and the depths of Hell...
The So So Glos

For most bands, touring is an awkward yet somewhat vital necessity.

For The So So Glos it's a way of life. Fulcrums of Brooklyn's DIY scene, the punk trio spreads the gospel in the only way they know how - one show at a time.

In fact, it's a lifestyle best summed up in their own, grainy mini-documentary. 'Who The F#@% Are The So So Glos?' is an uproarious trip through their no-nonsense approach, featuring some seismic live performances along the way.

Finishing their UK tour, drummer Alex Staggers took part in our regular feature Good Trip, Bad Trip.

Catch up on 'Who The F#@% Are The So So Glos?' below, then find his answers after the jump.

Best Trip…
There is a magical town that is Bern, Switzerland. In that town is a chocolate factory and a water park for adults. We got to go there supporting The Virgins a couple of years back. That was fun.

Worst Trip…
Detroit generally ends up bad for us. Whenever we pass through, something bad tends to happen. Once there was a man in our dressing room asking for our hangers and for a wrench. Dry cleaner, fix-it man or car thief? We may never know. Another time, in Downtown Detroit, the Britney Spears' tour crew / mafia attempted to kill us in a hotel room. But we can't speak on that for legal reasons.

Our favourite foreign venue…
Le Bikini near Toulouse, France was a particularly fun experience. The owner cooked us food all night, played Cher on loop and let us sleep there. What a rad place.

We’re surprisingly popular in…
The depths of Hell.

Best or worst foodstuff had on the road…
We have recently shifted to focus on health food only. No "foodstuffs", just real food. This is in the tradition of Bob Marley.

Most interesting individual you’ve met on the road…
We've met many a wise man and woman on the road but none compares to you.

Worst on-tour injury, or accident…
Alex stage dived in Boston and made it across the barriers when a crew guy pulled him back more violently than he needed to. Alex fractured his rib on the barrier on the way back. He finished the tour with a broken rib.

My essential travel tip…
Always bring as many socks and underwear as will humanly fit in your bag. All the rest is hardly necessary.

- - -

Find The So So Glos online HERE.

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