Tales from the road...

Twin Peaks still seem refreshingly, almost implausibly, youthful.

Five kids making music together, they've released three LPs - including 2016’s 'Down In Heaven' and 2017’s 'Sweet '17' Singles compilation - to date, all while touring across North America, Europe, and beyond.

Thrashing their way from tiny venues up to some pretty imposing hangouts, Twin Peaks have done it while retaining that glint in their eye, and that spring in their step.

New album 'Lookout Low' retains their youthful demeanour, but it also adds in some colour and tone, a little bit of definition amid their indie pop squall.

Boasting plenty of the energy that has propelled them forwards, 'Lookout Low' drops on September 13th and will be followed by yet another burst of live shows.

Clash caught up with Twin Peaks to talk about life on the road in Good Trip, Bad Trip...

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Best Trip…

One of our best trips in my mind was our first ever tour. It was a self-booked tour around the USA of about 22 house shows/parties in about 27 days.

We had no idea what to expect or what we were getting ourselves into. We just packed up the van and the small amount of gear we had and hit the road. We were 18 and had just graduated from High School. We were green, and we were hungry.

Every show was a new experience, filled with new people who were all part of a "scene" in their respective city. We got to see how all these people built and set up these shows in their homes, and got to see how they made it all work. They paid us whatever amount of money they were able to gather up from however many wild folks showed up that night, and then we were off to the next town.

That tour was in a way meant to be the only tour we did, and it was only on that tour that we started asking ourselves “Why can't we just do this?" and “Why would we go to college?" We got a lot better at playing music in those 27 days, and somewhere out on the road we discovered that this is what we wanted to do with ourselves, at least for a little while.

Worst Trip…

Our worst trip was also a US tour. We were supporting a band from a different country who had recently performed on Letterman. We were still pretty green, it was one of our really early tours. We were excited and ready to hit the road, but night after night people just didn't show up. We were kind of shocked, to be honest.

Here is this awesome new band thats getting tons of press and playing on huge TV shows and we get to open for them. We were stoked. Then we hit the road and no one is getting out to the shows.

At the end of the day it seemed the promoters really dropped the ball. It was definitely a look into how this whole "being in a band" thing isn't always fun and doesn’t always make sense.

Our favourite foreign venue…

The best foreign venue we've been lucky enough to play is probably Vega in Copenhagen, Denmark. They have multiple rooms of different sizes, we played the 500 cap one.

What makes it so special is that they have accommodations for the band and crew to spend the night in right there at the club. They fed us a home cooked meal (a rarity on the road), gave us warm beds, showers, laundry machines. All of that combined makes for an extremely easy, and productive gig day.

Can't wait to get back there.

We’re surprisingly popular in…

This is kind of a tough question as I would say our foreign fan base is pretty consistent throughout the places we've toured. If I had to pick one city that surprises me it’s Berlin. Every time we go, we have a killer show, the audience is extremely involved and responsive.

After the shows in Berlin we hang and meet some of the people and always end up having a great time. Germany knows how to do it.

Best or worst exotic foodstuff…

One of the worst things we have tried would be this cow stomach or intestine that we ate in Spain. It had a bunch of hairs on it and it was super rubbery. We gave it a whirl nonetheless. Also in Australia last year Cadien ate a duck heart and said it was pretty good. I took a pass on that one.

Worst on-tour injury, or infection, or accident…

The worst on tour injury was undoubtedly when Cadien broke his ankle on tour. He broke it running around on stage after a few too many margaritas. We were playing South By Southwest for five days immediately following that incident, which for those of you who may not know, involves a lot of walking around and A LOT of playing shows.

Being the supportive and caring friends we are, we told him it was "just a sprain" and that he was "fine." So he sucked it up and carried on through SXSW and alllll the way through tour up the west coast and into Seattle. At this point he told us to get bent and went to see a Doctor, who promptly informed him that his Ankle was in fact broken. He's a real trooper for that one.

What doesn't kill us... right?

My essential travel item…

One of our essential travel items that isn't basic toiletries and isn't clothes etc., is probably a pack of dice. When you’re traveling on tour you end up getting into situations where the name of the game is: killing time. That breaks down into another whole subset of categories.

Sometimes you’re waiting in an airport for hours and hours, sometimes it's the van, sometimes you’re stranded at a venue for an eternity. In many of these situations you are already sick of staring at your phone, which calls for a more, involved method of killing time. Thats when you bust out the Dice and play some “3’s.” Usually using single dollar bills to bet, it’s a great way to lose track of time with friends.

Sometimes there is no better feeling than winning some money or a few drinks off your pals. At the same time, sometimes you’re the one who’s losing some money or buying the next round.

My essential travel tip...

Traveling and touring have become one of our favourite and most exciting things we get to do as a working band. At the end of the day we all have ideas about how we'd like a trip to go, or how we expect things to work out on the road. The reality you come to realise quickly when traveling is that no matter how much you plan and prepare, something is always gonna go wrong.

Knowing that, I would say that the best tip we can give is to go with the flow. You can't let things going wrong get in the way of your travels or your tour. When the sh*t hits the fan, don't panic just keep moving through it.

It is important not to sweat the small stuff, and to remember that traveling and touring is a privilege, and that you have got to enjoy and appreciate it to get the most out of it, and to be happy with it when the trip is done.

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Catch Twin Peaks at the following shows:

16 London Dome Tufnell Park (SOLD OUT) *
18 Leeds Brudenell Social Club *
19 Oxford Ritual Union
20 Cardiff SWN Festival * - with Dehd

26 London Brixton Electric

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