Ayşe Hassan on the sounds that fuel her solo project...

Ayşe Hassan has always been obsessed with sound, with the way songs can unhook different aspects of your psyche.

Working with Mercury nominees Savages, she steps out as a solo artist on new project ESYA.

It's been a potent but low-key beginning, with the distorted analogue electronics of the production blending with some subtle, highly nuanced songwriting elements.

New EP - the second in a triptych - ‘Absurdity of ATCG (II) - Emergent Form’ is out now, and it's a bold entrance point into a fresh creative realm.

Ayşe Hassan unpacked a few of the key elements that forged her approach...

- - -

Arthur Russell - 'Love Is Overtaking Me'

It reminds me of New York, the times I spent there and how I grew as a person; taking ownership of the choices I had made musically and emotionally.

I remember crying on the pier as I realised in that moment of my life, love was not enough; love was overtaking me, but not in the way I had wanted.

- - -

Tom Waits - 'Closing Time'

I can get terribly anxious when travelling by plane, so this record would allow me to close my eyes and soothe my fears, by losing myself in Tom Waits vocals - when I listen to this, everything around me disappears.

- - -

Depeche Mode - 'Playing The Angel'

I first heard this record in its entirety the night before getting a flight to Germany to record bass for a band I loved called Neurotic Mass.

The CD was on repeat - I was sleep deprived and there was a lot of emotions in the room as we waited for dawn and our journey to the bus station to being. I think fondly back to that moment and the repetitious exploration of this record, it reminds me of the steps it took to make that recording happen, I sold lots of belongings to fund my portion of the trip.

- - -

Prince - '1999'

My drummer partner in crime Fay Milton and I would also play this in our dressing room as we were getting ready on one of our American tours.

- - -

Tchaikovsky - 'The Nutcracker'

I think my love for this seeped into my subconscious, as a child as I used to watch film The Nutcracker Prince alongside my mum playing Tchaikovsky’s music around the house, which perhaps was my early introduction to classical music.

I would listen to this and Peter and the Wolf (narrated by David Bowie) over and over, frequently the sounds would fuel my overactive imagination.

- - -

‘Absurdity of ATCG (II) - Emergent Form’ EP is out now.


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