"A ball bouncingly excellent disco-sized middle finger up to all those useless ex-lovers..."

Tired of lacklustre pop thrills? Bored of Spotify-guided production producing a bottleneck on pop's whims, eccentricities, and outré statements?

Then wait no longer, friend, for Sheffield's own International Teachers Of Pop are waiting for you, and they won't wait long.

A supremely addictive live proposition, the crew - part synth boffins, part pop angels - have literally just released their self-titled debut LP, and it's an analogue wonder.

To celebrate the arrival of the self-titled album we've asked International Teacher himself Adrian Flanagan - also of Moonlandingz acclaim, fact fans - to pen a full guide to their sizzling LP...

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1. 'After Dark'

“We went full on Giorgio Moroder with the opening track on the album. A ball bouncingly excellent disco-sized middle finger up to all those useless ex-lovers... with the beautiful wonky refrain of ‘You’ve gone - we’re having a party’! No point sitting in a dark room cry wanking about what’s gone when what’s to come reaches all the right spots. You dig?”

2. 'The Ballad Of Remedy Nillson'

“This is Leonore going full Grace Slick on this one vocally, which I love. Musically it’s a bit Yellow Magic Orchestra via a hall of mirrors at a stag doo on Blackpool pleasure beach. It’s a song about Leonore’s disobedient cats, some how it sounds infinitely sexier on record than it does on paper, ha!”

3. 'On Repeat'

“A pop song about living in Communist Britain! I’d love to do a Laibach style marching video for this! It’s ideal music for pumping steel down yer local gym... if yer the kind of twat that goes to the gym?!”

4. 'Time For The Seasons' 

“This was the first song, Dean, Leonore and I wrote together. In our heads I think we wanted to do something a bit like Broadcast or Stereolab and what came out is akin to a psychedelic break dance party. Im usually doing the robot during the ‘Burn your technology’ chorus. Though we sound familiar, I think we sound pretty fresh, or ‘dope’ as that Willy.I.am bloke might say!”

5. 'She Walks'

“When sequencing a record I always think of the running order having an A Side and having a B Side... 'She Walks' closes the A-Side, or if you’ve got the CD or you're just a cheap skate crushing the livelihoods of little artists by listening for free on a streaming site then this track bridges the opening side and the following side. It’s a gentle, trippy, almost Beach Boys sounding walk through the head of a very popular lady. No, not me, before you ask!”

6. 'Interstellar (One Step Forward)'

“Kicking off Side Two, This is International Teachers Of Pop momentarily escaping velocity - I think musically this is the right side of cosmic without the hippy elements... it feels like a journey, good tune to listen to on a road trip! It also features the silliest line I’ve ever written (I think)... "here we go again - defying gravity, where stars are ignorant - a floating cup of tea!" I’m looking forward to receiving a hefty fine from the songwriters guild of Great Britain.”

7. 'Praxis Makes Prefect'

“The only person I’ve ever heard use the word Praxis in a conversation is the late great Factory Records supremo , Tony Wilson - I think it was in a New Order documentary. This song is our nod to Debbie Harry and Disco Dolly, Kelly Marie... icons of pop... like us!”

8. 'Age Of The Train'

“Our debut single and ode to the uselessness of Northern Rail. There’ll never be a revolution in this country for two reasons... 1. The people who it really affects can’t afford the train ticket, and 2. You can’t rely on UK trains to get you to the revolution on time, you’d end up turning up when it’s over, it’ll just be you and the street cleaners left, pathetically shouting at your own reflection in a shop window on Regents street!”

9. 'Love Girl'

“It’s feels like the early hours of the morning as the sun is coming up as your getting higher and higher ... it’s our salute to the misshapes and parental mistakes that go through life not quite feeling like they fit in anywhere. It’s got some wild arping oberheim from synth Yoda, Dean Honer on this one and I played one of my favourite riffs on it, it’s got a bit of a ‘Chariots Of Fire’ meets ‘Man Machine’ feel too it, I’m proud of that riff!“

10. 'Oh Yosemite'

“Leonore was on a train( that was late) coming over to sheffield to write some songs with Dean and I when some student lads in the carriage were doing her head in purely by the inability of being able to pronounce words properly... so being a total nerd, she wrote some lyrics about it... Leonore’s current day job is teaching music in a girls school, some of the girls from her choir sing on the choruses... it’s always nice to end the night with a lovely synth waltz , a children’s choir and a mariachi band!”

- - -

'The International Teachers Of Pop' is out now.

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