An alternative playlist from the rapper...

Valentine's eh?

Sod that. Major corporations get together and devise ways to get unsuspecting couples to pay for their right to exhibit their love, while the rest of us gawp at the sidelines.

Well, Onoe Caponoe isn't taking it lying down. This February 14th the rapper is dropping a brand new track, with 'Valentine's Massacre' turning the Big Day into a literal horrorshow.

Out now, the single comes complete with this playlist devised by the man himself...

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OK so to kick this anti valentines playlist off we’re gonna come in heavy with the Memphis OG Project pat... some of the realest shit you ever gon huurrrr.. Romance who?...Valentine’s Day who? Crunk away your sorrows instantly.

George Clinton - 'Atomic Dog'

Well what can I say, George Clinton in basically a god in my eyes... long live the funk god... long may his music rain down on planet earth on every occasion.

Seed Of 6ix - 'Up To My Neck In Offers'

S/O to Memphis again RIP lord infamous and koopsta knicca. This is a joint from the next generation of 36 Mafia... the beat's dopeeeee as hell prob by suicide boys... Valentine's day who?

Black Sabbath - 'Symptom Of The Universe'

Who needs love when this songs playing? Just don’t let it finish..... everything about this is insane. Ozzie is one of the greatest lyricists in my opinion.

Kingpin Skinny Pimp - 'Give Me Sum'

Another dope joint from another Memphis legend. This is that late night horror type shit... why would I need companionship when I have horror type raps?

Juicy J - 'Let’s Get High'

This song is funny as hell... the king OG Juicy J! This was a joint we use to play constantly couple years back! This song goes really well with saying “man I’m way to high for love an dem ting...”

Mobb Deep - 'Right Back At You'

You know I had to come with a mob joint. These guys were definitely my biggest musical influence growing up. this track is real hard for me to describe to be honest.. it’s basically just the best shit ever... defiantly something that will make you feel good about being anti everything throughout the next 70 years.

MGMT - 'Your Life Is A Lie'

Another big influence of mine. They have so many amazing songs... I like this song because it’s real clever and super straight to the point... Find the lyrics, write them in a card... post them through your neighbour's window with a brick and a photo of a sheep. (I don’t have time for dates)

L-Zee Roselli - 'Make Them See The Devil'

King of the UK hardcore horror swag. It’s the zombie king himself, L-zee Roselli... This guy is about to kill the scene and this song is perfect for a anti Valentine’s Day fit for a king. (Play loud and proud)

Zapp and Roger - 'So Ruff So Ruff'

Another king of funk RIP Mr Roger Troutman... a real pioneer and talk box god... I chose this song because it’s something u can have a lil upbeat swagin' out session to. While simultaneously using the lyrics of the song to as confirmation that your own single status is due to the fact it’s 'So Ruff n tuff' out here on these streets... baby... Merry Xmas and God bless you all.

- - -

'Valentine's Massacre' is out now.

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