Joe Corti On The Joy Of All Night Long Sets

Joe Corti On The Joy Of All Night Long Sets

China White stalwart writes for Clash...

This Friday - January 17th - I’ll be playing my first all night long set at Corsica Studios, under my China White brand. Over the past year I've been lucky enough to curate parties there and have got to know and love the club; it feels like a no brainer to play all night long to what has become my extended family and it will make the experience all the more enjoyable for me.

All Night Long sets are legendary and pretty much something I’d imagine every DJ wants to have the opportunity to play. I can remember going to the Trouw in Amsterdam around the time it was closing and Joris Voorn was doing his last ever all night long show there. I was just blown away, naturally by the club itself but also the way Joris had this ability to control the room with each carefully selected track for the entire evening.

I walked away from that night completely inspired, thinking I’d kill to get the chance to have a go at something like that one day.

So what’s so special about all night long sets? Here’s what I think…

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Freedom for Self Expression

You’ve got more hours to play, so more hours to fill with all those tracks that you always wish you could play but might not fit in a two (or three if you’re lucky) hour set.

There’s always a couple of tracks at least when you get to the end of your set which you are a bit gutted didn't make the cut, but when you’re on a time limit you have to be more planned and strategic. It’s often those curveball tracks that bring those epic moments.

You can take the ravers on a full journey and share more of your collection with them.

Less pressure than you think/More time to prove yourself...

Obviously on the one hand you could feel like you’re under more pressure as there’s longer to keep the vibe going for, but in a way there’s less - you can take your time, take the set to as many different places you want to without feeling you have to rush.

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You’ve got a captive audience/the crowd are committed...

If you’re playing all night long, chances are there will be a solid number of loyal fans who have backed you since the early days. If my own experiences as a raver are anything to go by, the opportunity to see an artist you love play for seven hours or so uninterrupted is an unmissable one.

I think this all night long is special because there's not many opportunities in London to see an up and coming London artist all night long. It's more often than not international acts flown in, which is great and everyone loves seeing an overseas headliner in a club, but what I think London lacks is what Glasgow and Ireland excel at. A network system where Irish and Scottish clubbers love seeing their homebred in the booth.

I guess the most important thing is to keep constantly reading the room. If you lose the crowd a bit at times then you can steer them back to you. They’re there because they want to have a good time, but likely because they want to support you too - it’s a big night for everyone really!

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Playing a different set time than usual...

If I’m heading to an all night long myself, I like to get down early and experience the whole thing, as you’re also probably seeing that DJ play different time slots than you might usually. Depending on the artist, they might be buzzing about playing the warmup, or the ‘headline’ slot, or that final track..

I usually do the closing slot at Corsica and I have had a few amazing 5am’s in there, so I can’t wait to get a chance to slowly warm up the room to that 3am peak time.

Being allowed to just think about your own set for a change...

As part of a line-up it’s always important to be fair to the person playing after you. As cheesy as it sounds, you’re all creating a journey and experience together as well as individually, which is part of the enjoyment, but sometimes it's nice to just be thinking about yourself and what you want to deliver.

On a regular China White night I will be running around making sure the night is running smoothly; that could involve looking after talent, keeping an eye on numbers at the door, checking on sound and lighting, saying hello to regulars, the list goes on.

All Night Long gives me the chance to fully immerse myself in the club night and enjoy it from a completely different perspective. This makes me extremely excited.

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Joe Corti plays All Night Long at Corsica Studios this Friday (January 17th). Get tickets HERE.

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