Previews emerge online...

Karenn - also known as Blawan and Pariah - are streaming snippets from their forthcoming EP 'SHEWORKS004'.

Kicked off late last year, Karenn unites two producers from the bass world. Instead of sub vibrations, though, the partnership allows Blawan and Pariah to indulge their techno fetish. At home on joint label She Works The Long Nights, the duo are set to release new EP 'SHEWORKS004' later this year.

This afternoon Karenn posted a number of snippets to SoundCloud. Intended to be spread across two x 12 inches, opening cut 'Sailing Solvents' has a rave energy while 'A Room Full Of Fuck All' is sheer, abrasive Detroit stomp. Navigating the currents of the techno universe, 'SHEWORKS004' is both subtle and unrelenting, with a ruffneck style that hints towards the pair's background in the bass sphere.

Ending with the four to the floor bliss of 'Wideyed' this is vital, blood curdling stuff.

Stream snippets of 'SHEWORKS004' below.

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'SHEWORKS004' is forthcoming.


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