Liverpudlian krautrockers

K**** K**** are one of the acts Portishead chose as a Ones To Watch in Issue 29 of Clash magazine, read more and download a free compilation of the tracks here.


Getting regular post from Kraftwerk is every electro geek’s wet dream yet K**** K**** are getting regular calls for bad reasons… they have stolen the name of Kraftwerk’s legendary studio Kling Klang. Oops.

K**** K**** are a five-piece experimental synthesizer krautrock orchestra from Liverpool who create heavy supersonic rock with squealing synths and bleeping bass sequences, punctuated by live drumming and electric guitars.

Adrian professes why he’s hooked: “They’ve got a doomy, drone edge to them. They’re really into old electronic stuff and they sound great. They are really exciting and totally committed to where they’re going.”

Joe of K**** K**** says: “The limitless potential of analogue synthesizers, drums and electric guitars motivated us to try and create a futuristic and poignant new type of rock ‘n’ roll sound.”

The band hark back to mid 1999 as just a three piece and added drums and an extra synth in 2001. Yet 2008 is possibly the most crucial yet, as Joe adds: “We’re currently recording new material, so there should be a new record out towards the end of the year. Also we’ve started using vocals on some new songs, which has added a pleasant new dimension to our previously all-instrumental sound.”

“We will perform at Off Festival in Poland this August. We are currently booking tours in Europe, US and Japan to coincide with release of our next record. Also on the cards is a possible name change for the group. At present we are in a legal battle with the German band Kraftwerk and are in talks with them about possible options.”

Listen to: The band have released an assortment of EPs and, after signing to Mogwai’s label Rock Action, they finally released an album, ‘The Esthetik Of Destruction”, which is a collection of their main body of work, in 2006.

Fact: Their live shows typically feature no less than nine synthesizers.


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