Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
Japanese pop culture picks from the J-Pop queen...

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is back.

The Princess of Kawaii Harajuku Culture recently returned with new album 'Japamyu', her first in four years and an intelligent distillation of her ultra-addictive, supremely groundbreaking future-pop.

Out now, it finds Kyary waltzing into the studio with long-time collaborator and producer Yasutaka Nakata, expanding her aesthetic as never before.

With South East Asian culture breaking out globally in 2018, it's time to give credit to a real innovator, an artist who has continually stayed at the cutting edge.

Clash caught up with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu for a brief chat, and received a few recommendations about top picks from Japanese pop culture, and where to find them...

- - -

Name Of Artist: CHAI

▶ネオカワイイという新しいコンセプトで、自分たちのコンプレックスを武器にしている ところが新しくてカッコイイ。 演奏も上手、曲のアレンジや構成もおもしろいくて好きです。プライベートでも仲がよく て、一緒にご飯食べにいったりしています。 私が初めて主催した「KPP CAMP」にも出演してもらいました。

I really like their concept of 'Neo Kawaii', and how they use their vulnerability as a strength, which I think is new and cool at the same time. Their performance technique is impressive, and the music arrangement and structure is just fun!

I am good friends with them and go out to eat together quite often. I asked them to perform at KPP CAMP, the event I curated for the first time.

- - -

Name Of Artist: Perfume

▶私と同じ中田ヤスタカさんが音楽プロデュースしていて、私がデビューする前から Perfumeが大好きでした。 とにかく中田さんのサウンドがかっこいし、この曲は歌詞も切ないのが好きです。 Perfumeのメンバーとも仲が良くて一緒に遊んだりしています。

I’ve been a big fan of Perfume even before my debut. Yasutaka Nakata is their music producer, and he also produces me as well. I really like the music Yasutaka creates. This track has such cute lyrics, and a bit nostalgic one. I am good friends with Perfume Girls! We go out together often.

- - -

Name Of Artist: Chatmonchy

Track: Ren Ai Spirits Ren Ai Spirits / STREAM

▶私が高校生の頃からずっと聞いていました。声がカワイイし大好きです。 解散してしまったのですが、解散ライブも見に行きました。

I have been a fan since high school! Especially I liked her cute vocal. They finished working as a band, and I went to see their farewell tour.

- - -

Name of Artist: Wednesday Kampanella

▶コムアイの可愛声のラップが好きです。楽曲に独特の世界観があるし、聞いていてその 世界に吸い込まれる感じがします。 コムアイともプライベートで仲が良いです。

I love KOM_I’s sweet rap! Their music is a true original. I can easily get swamped into their world. I am a good friend with KOM_I as well.

- - -

Name Of Artist: sumika

Track: Fiction / STREAM

▶次世代のポップバンドという感じがします。メロディが心地よくて様々な世代の人に受 けそう。

They are the pop band of today. Their comfy and up tempo melody will be received well across variety of generations.

- - -

'Japamyu' is out now.

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