The sonic equivalent of a nuclear holocaust
Clash magazine - Light Asylum

If the world ended tomorrow, it would probably sound a lot like LIGHT ASYLUM.

Not just for the ferocity of Shannon Funchess’ guttural battle cries or the vicious chops of Bruno Corviello on his rudimentary synths, drum pads and 303s, it's the sentiment of this Brooklyn-based duo that makes their self-titled debut LP the sonic equivalent of a nuclear holocaust. Even down to the band’s cap-locked, exclamatory moniker.

“LIGHT ASYLUM is anyone who seeks inner truth at any age,’ recounts Shannon ‘… in any age and does not accept the world as it is perceived or portrayed by dark forces via mass media, consumerism, industrial prison complexes, religious or political control over the masses and the Earth’s resources and life, waging war on its inhabitants and diminishing the value of life using FEAR as its greatest passion. We are just musicians, common people just like you.”

An acknowledgement of human dissidence, a thirst for political rebellion and a rejection of rigid social principles shape LIGHT ASYLUM’s quasi-religious ethos, sure, but an avant garde approach to pop music sculptures their art. Like a dystopian Devo, a sadistic Dead or Alive or a disenchanted Late of The Pier, LIGHT ASYLUM’S gothic, mythological aesthetic is the raw, unadulterated voice of a post-apocalyptic tribe. The prophetic struggle for our humanity.  

Download LIGHT ASYLUM's 'Heart Of Dust' as part of Clash's Cross Section Download album.


‘Hour Fortress’ (MEXICAN SUMMER)
‘Pope Will Roll’ (MEXICAN SUMMER)
‘Heart Of Dust’ (MEXICAN SUMMER)


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