Festival favourites, after-hours sets, and more...

Annie Mac knows what goes into a good festival.

After all, she's been to her fair share of 'em - continually in demand, the selector have become a festival staple.

So much so, in fact, that she now curates her own. Annie Mac's Lost And Found festival returns to Malta this Spring, featuring a typically diverse, fun-filled line up.

Melé is set to pack up his things and jet out to Malta, but before he does Annie Mac sent across a few questions...

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Have you been to Lost and Found before? Any interesting memories of your time there?
Yes! I've been to them all, its the best. There's so many good memories, but when you played 'Ambience' for the first time when no one really knew what it was was mad. I think that was one of the reasons it did so well.

What did you look like when you were 15?
When I was 15 the whole new rave thing was happening I think, so I was all very bright and Topshop I'm not gonna lie. I had dead long hair as well.

If you could do a b2b set with any DJ ever alive of dead who would it be and why?
Danny Tenaglia, I reckon we would compliment each other pretty well.

Tell us your most intense travel story - good or bad?
I played in Ibiza with Idris Elba once and got incredibly drunk. I probably talked a lot of shit to him that night so sorry Idris. I had 2 hours sleep and then was sick down myself on the plane, it was great.

Peak time set or after-hours?
Peak time definitely, have to admit I'm not much of an after-hours kinda guy. I like sleeping too much.

Favourite hangover meal?
Five Guys has just started delivering near my house so that's the one right now. Cheese burger and a grilled cheese with extra cheese…OOF!

First memory of DJing…
Probably just mixing in my bedroom pretending I was playing to thousands of people in Ibiza. Good times.

Weirdest after-party?
There was one a few years back in Leeds which was a bit weird. Loads of balloons and drum 'n' bass... let's leave it at that!

Describe what your AMP Lost & Found set is going to be like in 3 words...
Very, very mad...

Current PANIC TRACK? When all else fails on the dance floor…
DJ Gregory - 'Don’t Panic'. Very fitting.

The most memorable thing you've ever lost (and found)?
I lost my voice singing to Duran Duran at Bestival a few years back, it was worth it though.

Finish this sentence - If I wasn't a DJ, I'd be…
Probably working in Asda or something. Still be DJ’ing though!

- - -

Melé plays Annie Mac's Lost And Found Festival on April 13th - 16th in Malta. For more info and tickets please visit

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