Ukrainian garage producer

UK garage? Get with the programme, son, it’s all about Ukrainian garage these days, courtesy of rising talent Lostlojic. To be fair, UKG is a huge influence on the Ukrainian producer’s work, but he handpicks the most melodic and expressive elements of the genre and melts them into sedated, colourful two-step and smoky, fluid garage. “I perfectly understand that my music is far from the traditional understanding of classic UK garage,” says Lostlojic (real name Vladimir), “so my music can be called ‘Ukrainian garage’, or on the basis of the expressive vocals, the term ‘emotional’ fits.”

Indeed it does, such as in the awesome ‘L In u’, which overflows with hazy, echoed female vocals before a surprising and brilliant lo-fi fuzzy bassline kicks in, or latest release ‘She’s Special’, a beautiful and clearly heartfelt track whose minimal, dubby melodics perfectly offset the upfront beats that drive the track into the listener’s imagination.

In much of Lostlojic’s work, there are also elements of the garage/electronica crossover sound favoured by many contemporary US acts - Sepalcure, Lusine - and, of course, a big hint of Burial (“I find his work to be masterpieces,” says the Vladimir), whose music inspired Lostlojic to begin writing in a more expressive manner.

“I unexpectedly discovered a wholeworld of feelings and impressions. Thanks to the garage genre, I found a way to display my emotions, while using many sounds, retouching them, creating a kind of vintage sound”, says the producer. This openly intimate writing technique and crafted styling of sounds has led Vladimir to dub his own compositions ‘emotive garage’, which it certainly, beautifully is, but put down that giant pigeonhole right now, as this producer also has far more tricks up his musical sleeves: “I love to experiment and therefore you can expect anything from me.”



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