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Lula Circus

Italy's dance scene has been the butt of jokes for years.

Perhaps that's due to the slew of dodgy house which emanated from the country during the early 90s, a time when everyone else in Europe was latching onto Hardcore, the nascent Jungle scene and the second wave of Detroit techno.

The past few years have seen that change, though. Italy is nursing an active, provocative electronic scene, while the country's involvement with the Italo Disco scene has given it some serious retrospective kudos. Vertigo Festival aims to sieze upon the best of both worlds.

Taking place in Pragelato, Italy the event is located in a truly stunning area. The Italian countryside stretches all around you, with the music stretching up into the Mediterranean hills. Organisers have already confirmed a number of names for this year's line up, with Steve Lawler, Reboot and the Martinez Brothers all set to appear.

Committed to matching international names with homegrown talent, Vertigo have booked a set from Lula Circus. A partnership between Danilo Sardella and Sergio Frazzingaro, the pair have a dancefloor sensibility which is steeped in classic house and the more playful end of techno. 

Alongside this, though, Lula Circus like to throw fans a few curveballs. There are nods towards Italo, or even the damaged electronics of the Minimal Wave movement, with the production duo clearly having interests which stretch far beyond the sometimes limited confines of club culture.

Ahead of Vertigo, Lula Circus have pieced together an exclusive mix for ClashMusic. Opening with plenty of sparse, fractured synths and tumbling 303s, the tracklist shifts through straight ahead 4/4 and joyous house before storming towards the finale.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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1. The Building - Reginac (Good Guy Mikesh & Filburts Trancepop Mix) [Mireia]
2. Tornado Wallace - Thinking Allowed [ESP Institute]
3. David Durango - Koi [Crossfrontier Audio]
4. Djuma Soundsystem & Aki Bergen feat. Lazarusman - Love Her Madly (Aki Bergen Version) [Noir]
5. Franck Roger - Love Is Always [Real Tone]
6. In Flagranti - Business Acumen [Kitsunè]
7. Hercules - 7 Ways [Dance Mania]
8. Hannulelauri - Super Monkey [Seahorse & Castle]
9. River & Phoenix - Follow Your Dreams Pursue Your Nighthmares(Lauer Remix) [Let's Play House]
10. Joy Division - Atmosphere [Factory]
11. Monsoon Season feat. Miss Bee - Too Cold For Love (Satin Jackets Underwater Remix) [Glam Jam Artists]
12. NR& - Broken Toy [Keinemusik]

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Lula Circus play at Vertigo Festival, Italy from 15th-17th August, vertigofestival.co.uk


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