Marc Romboy
German born selector names some key releases...

Even after all this time Marc Romboy remains a dedicated music fan.

The German born selector has an international following, with his tasteful selections of house and techno filling floors on just about every continent.

During his down time, though, he's perpetually seeking out new music, whether that's in physical record shops or online.

The producer has developed a deep relationship with the Bedrock imprint, releasing material on the label and spinning their output in his own sets.

A continual advocate for their vision, Marc Romboy will return to Bedrock later this year, donating a brand new track to their 20th anniversary compilation.

Set to touch down in London's fabric on March 29th for Bedrock's 20th birthday bash, the producer rummaged through the racks for some of his favourite releases from the imprint's catalogue.

Here are his picks...

- - -

Bedrock - 'Heaven Scent'

Can a label have a better catalogue number one? No, simply impossible. 'Heaven Scent' was and still is nothing but an impressive beat of the drum, a timeless hymn. This track is for sure one of my all time favourites and the main line is a haunting melody which won't leave one's brain any more.

I will never forget when Johnny at Plastic Fantastic gave me the white label with a smile; thanks Johnny!

- - -

Saints & Sinners - 'Pushin Too Hard'

Two very good friends of mine are Yoogie van Bellen and Wilfried Belz from Düsseldorf's Sounds Good Record Store and they are the ones who produced this powerful peace of music.

To me the best high energy bass-line since 'I Feel Love' and not a surprise at all that there are frequently new remixes around. My tip: If nothing works any more on the floor, drop this tune.

- - -

Guy Gerber - 'Stoppage Time'

I'm quite sure that a few might not know this tune of melody man Guy Gerber, released in 2004, shortly before his break through 'My Space' came out. But also this song is a special piece of art, quite distinctive and very special. It's nothing but a weird journey through catchy and oblique soundscapes and worth to listen every single minute.

I would call it a lost treasure, check it out.

- - -

Eagles & Butterflies - 'Comet'

With 'Comet' my pal Chris delivered one of his true masterpieces. And this because of the fact that the track is actually just one line whose consistency changes at any second and any bar. Simply mind-blowing how he generates a magical trip and this without a high amount of different elements.

Not on everyone's radar and this is why I actually still spin and love it.

- - -

Marc Romboy - 'Counting Comets'

My first release on Bedrock and thus a very special one for me. When I hear the oblique arpeggio melody I always have to think about space, infinity and comets, don’t ask me why.

Also the Rüde Hagelstein interpretation is more than worth a listen if you don’t know it and Part 2, the chill out alternative to the club version.

- - -

Marc Romboy's 'Laika' features on on Bedrock 20, out at the end of April.

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