Marie Davidson Recommends Ways To De-Stress

Marie Davidson Recommends Ways To De-Stress

Through music, meditation, and books...

The pandemic has caused untold toil for our mental health.

Every single study commissioned has found the same thing - we're living in an era of unprecedented anxiety, and due to lockdown we're essentially doing it all alone.

But that doesn't mean that help isn't on offer. Recognising the pressures fans and musicians are under, the mental health charity MIND joined with four electronic giants - Paradigm, Ninja Tune, POLY, and Percolate - to launch special guides on how to cope.

The advice is practical and kept simple, though the information on offer is undoubtedly thorough and in-depth - there's something here for creators, as well as listeners.

Montreal producer Marie Davidson has kept busy during the pandemic, with her collaborative project Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu releasing a full length album last year.

Here, Marie picks out a few things that help her de-stress, from music through to meditation and books.

- - -

Lucette Bourdin & Darrell Burgan - 'Samhata'

An excellent album of deep listening, facilitates introspection and relaxation.

- - -

Steve Roach - 'Structures From Silence'

An all-time classic of mine and a source of inspiration.

- - -

Brian Eno - 'Reflection'

A great album to listen before bedtime, especially if you feel stressed.

- - -

Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd - 'Bordeaux'

My airport and long flights go to.

- - -

Guided Breath Meditation - 'Thanissaro Bhikkhu'

Very useful when having a hard time to stop thinking and obsessing.

- - -

Ken-Ichiro Isoda

Absolutely beautiful! And finally a book by Cal Newport called Digital Minimalism. This recent book on our use of new technologies will provide information that could change your life.

- - -

'Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu' is out now.

For more on the work that Mind do, and the support on offer, click HERE.

Photo Credit: Madison Dinell

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