Masego On The Source Of His Sound

Masego On The Source Of His Sound

Exploring new EP 'Studying Abroad'...

Saxophone colossus Masego is one of the smoothest men in music.

Fusing jazz and soul with hip-hop elements, his traphousejazz sound is unlike anything else around right now.

Endlessly enticing, his fantastic live performances - Clash platformed his show at London's Metropolis Studios - are infused with freewheeling creativity.

New EP 'Studying Abroad' is out now, with Masego playing a full live stream only last night (November 17th).

Clash invited Masego to break down the source of his sounds for Influences...

- - -


I view producers as artists and D'mile is one of my favorites. His sound choice and approach was what drew me to the production on this. I was watching the anime hunter hunter in Japanese with the subs off gettin’ in my zesty bag.

- - -

Mystery Lady

The shining star on this one is Sam Gellaitry on this one. I remember this man was playing guitar by typing on his laptop. I swear he’s a musician. The way he creates and expresses so soulfully with a computer is wild to me.

After that foundation Kojo and Wondagurl added that knock and complimented the rhythm. My voice followed suit and here we are.

- - -

Silver Tongue Devil

The artist to highlight is IzyBeats. Outside of producing this song I think when a producer samples his own voice it puts him a different category of artist. Very creative move.

Listen for that slick talk between the verses. That’s Izy.

- - -


The artist and legend Jack Dine. The way this man samples along with the pockets he creates in the music, is why this song feels so warm and classic. I love the signature of adding silence to parts of music.

- - -

Sides Of Me

What inspired me here was Bryson Tiller. Sometimes I just do an impression of another artist in hopes to get them on the record eventually. Bryson's tone and cadence on records and something I’ve always wanted to try out. Got pretty close here.

- - -

Bye Felicia

I think it was the first Shrek movie when Lord Farquad stepped out the chariot and the trumpet player took a solo. Yeah that inspired how I approached the sax in this song. That’s one of the most unsung musicians.

- - -

'Studying Abroad' EP is out now.

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