"My Songs Are Moments In My Life" Jimothy Lacoste Enters A New Phase

"My Songs Are Moments In My Life" Jimothy Lacoste Enters A New Phase

London extrovert on fresh music, the pandemic, and why he's always got room for pizza...

It’s safe to say that Jimothy Lacoste is on his way to becoming a national treasure. Ever since his first release, Jimothy has been able to make the music he wants, by just being himself, with fans liking him for it all the better.

His newly released E.P ‘Jimothy’s House Party Package’ shows another side to the artist, replacing the bedroom pop for something more upbeat and made for the dancefloor. The four song release sheds light on the artist's love for house parties, along with more stories of what’s been on his mind recently.

Clash spoke to Jimothy about what he’s been up to over the past year.

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Safe to say you’ve stayed quite busy with the album release last July and now the new EP. Have you not struggled with creativity during the past year?

I think in terms of working hard, that’s never been an issue for me. But in terms of creativity it has been challenging. It can take me a while to write a song sometimes or sometimes I go to the studio and realise it’s not working. Just make a few beats and call it a day.

Overall the creativity wasn’t too bad, but definitely not as good.

With your music, you talk a lot about certain experiences you’ve had. Do you think that might have been a reason? because experiences were limited.

Yeah that’s it exactly. My songs are moments in my life. When I’ve not had any experiences, there’s not been much for me to write about. Luckily I did have enough decent experiences from 2020 to write about.

Have you enjoyed the reception to this EP so far?

I’m really happy with it man, happy that it’s out and I’ve got a bunch of new music to play live really. Because I think it’s more enjoyable for everyone when there’s new music out there. I’m relaxed knowing that when I do my shows again, I’ve got a bunch of new music.

Can you tell us what ‘Jimothy’s House Party Package’?

So I’m a house party lover, I grew up at house parties. They were a good point in my life where I could meet people that were actually like friends. The music was another big part as well. I’ve always loved house music, and thought I wanted to create some music like that.

When it came to the name of the EP, I was showing my mate some of the house tracks I made, and it was actually him that said you should call it ‘Jimothy’s House Party Package’. I thought that was a great idea.

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You can say there’s a different tempo to this release, more house music and garage.

Yeah, I would say I'm more of a fan of house music currently, I was massively into garage when i was growing up. It’s not that I grew out of it but; house music is like pizza to me yeah, it will never get boring. But with garage music it’s a bit more, burger and chips. I don’t always want a burger and chips, but I could eat pizza everyday. House just fits in my soul better.

That’s a really good analogy.

Yeah and I’ve always listened to house music thinking it was garage at some point and people would get triggered because they were like ‘No this is house music!’.

Do you think there is a crossover between house and garage?

Basically for me yeah, with garage the tempo is a bit faster, there’s more movement. When there’s more movement it’s harder for me to think of quick dance moves on the spot. But with house music because the tempo is a bit slower, I’ve got time to think about where my arms are going to go, or If I’m going to do a quick spin. So it’s always been easier for my ears.

It always looks like you’re having fun in the music videos but also put a lot of effort into them – like for ‘Describe My Life’. Are you proud about how the video turned out?

So happy with how it turned out. I came to a conclusion recently that I’m only going to do a small amount of music videos. There’s a lot of pressure for me to do music videos because that’s what the labels want. But I’ve released that I would rather do one or two music videos a year but make sure they’re really good. Music videos are really important but I hate coming out with them for no reason. But for this one, we really thought about it. I had loads of ideas for it so I knew it was going to be good. It’s fun to watch from start to finish and I'm really happy with the shots.

Obviously you've got the tour coming up in September, do you think the change in vibe will bring another element to the live shows?

I think it will and overall it will encourage more jumping and dancing. With my older music I'll still play it and the crowd would still go crazy, but this is more and easier for everyone. I think there will be more dancing and mosh pits. And more encouragement to bop their heads and dance.

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‘Jimothy’s House Party Package 1’ EP is out now.

Words: Joe Hale // @joesquestions

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